A supple and easy-to-move high-performance model that Shin Miyajima and Mike Basic have absolute trust in. 241 "TRAILBLAZER JKT"

COLOR AR (Aurora Red)
PRICE ¥ 42,000

Shin Miyajima and Mike Basic are 241's leading snowboarders, as well as the world's top freestylers who continue to carve lines into the steep lines of Alaska and the steep mountains of Japan.It is the 241 that continues to support their high level of riding skills and gliding in harsh weather conditions, and the 241 has been responding to the high level demands they demand for clothing for many years.Protecting the rider's body temperature from the strong winds that blow below freezing, supple and soft comfort is essential for professional-level performance.It is also required to release excess heat and moisture from the inside when sweating due to hiking up to the outside.The functionality required by Shin Miyajima, Mike Basic, and all 241 riders on the garment perfectly covers the elements needed for a comfortable run on the slopes.For that reason, it is possible to demonstrate high performance in all snow mountain conditions such as powder snow, wet snow, and spring snow, regardless of whether it is domestic or overseas.
Among the 241 lineup of such high-performance jackets, TRAIL BLAZER JKT is the one that Mike Basic and Shin Miyajima have absolute trust in.In addition to the suppleness and ease of movement that can be said to be the characteristics of this jacket, the outer fabric has been changed to polyester 150D PLAIN WOVEN from this season.This gives it even more robustness and is reborn as a tougher and tougher jacket.In addition, it is equipped with unique functions such as a one-action fit hood that allows you to squeeze the area around the head and face at the same time by pulling the draw cord on the back of the head, and a weight distribution structure that appropriately distributes the weight of clothing on the body.It's a GORE-TEX 2-layer fabric that boasts high waterproofness and breathability, but it's also appreciated that the price is kept as low as possible.Instead of reducing the cost of investing in gear, try increasing your trip to the snowy mountains one more time this season, or head to a resort a little further away.

By simply pulling the draw cord on the back of the head, it is possible to squeeze both the vertical and horizontal directions at the same time. (Patented)
While taking advantage of the characteristics of the supple GORE-TEX 2 layer, the outer fabric has been changed to a robust material.

Shin Miyajima
Easy to move and comfortable to wear
"The characteristic of the 241 garment is that it is easy to move and comfortable to wear. All the movements necessary for snowboarding are firmly considered, so there is less stress on the garment when riding. Especially the pattern from the neck to the shoulder. The sewing seems to be the designer's commitment, it efficiently disperses the load, and it does not interfere with the range of motion of each joint. In fact, it is fluffy and comfortable to move, and I feel surprisingly easy to move. My height is 178 cm. As for the wear size, I wear XL jacket and pants. The silhouette is just right for me, the red color is not too dazzling, and I like the design of the cut-back. Also in the column (FREERUN December issue) I wore it on my trip to Chile in South America, but it was comfortable in South American conditions, and the red jacket is great for shooting. "