Interview with MVP rider of "COW DAY 2019" selected by the editorial department

top_2019cow114"COWDAY 2019" was held in the middle of Osaka as the strongest street rider deciding match in Japan.The FREERUN editorial department selected MVP riders from their own perspective while covering the hot battle.I conducted a direct interview with the rider.Kaito Hamada, who had been spinning 450 ins since qualifying, Yuki Kadono, who boasted an amazing make-up rate in the latter half of the final, and Ryo Aizawa, whose masculine style was impressive.It was Hiroaki Kunitake, who won the championship in the tournament, who was selected as the MVP by the interview team to suppress them.
Photo: Fuchimoto Kentarou

Regardless of the regular switch, the sense of stability that I made from difficult tricks to tricks that are awesome to the expert was perfect.
Regardless of the regular switch, the sense of stability that I made from difficult tricks to tricks that are awesome to the expert was perfect.

First, let's talk to one of the judges, Seki, about his impression of slipping.
"I think that Yuki Kadono and Hiroaki Kunitake were almost lined up in the final by voting only by the judges. Kunitake tried a trick that was more difficult than the qualifying, but there were some things that were hard to decide. , I decided a bad skill at the important point and it was conspicuous when I saw it as a whole. On the other hand, Yuki had a slow start in the first half of the final, but in the second half it was 4 I was catching up horribly, such as making tricks with high difficulty in a row. I think that it was a really high level battle overall. What was good about Kunitake-kun was the introduction of the final. Flip out on a jump. I think I got the spectator's heart completely there. I was talking to the judges, "I know how to charm", because he next When I stood on the starting point, the audience's attention was different because I wondered what I would do next. It was good. I think it was the rider who was the best fit for the audience judge system. Both of them slipped as badly as they did, but I think the key to winning or losing was to attract more spectators. "
--- Seki Isao


Then, please have an interview with Hiroaki Kunitake.

-Please tell us your impressions of participating in COWDAY 2019.
The city event of snowboarding in the city was the first time in Japan, although I had participated in jumping competitions overseas.In Japan, there aren't many tournaments held in the city, so it was fun to be able to participate and it was really fun.It wasn't as big as the slopes and it was difficult in a fairly tight section, but it was a good experience for me.

-Did you flip out in the final player introduction to get the hearts of the spectators?
I was thinking of doing something different from other people in that section.However, I was wondering if I could only flip out in that section ...

-Is it conscious of the judge system?
No, it's not.Actually, I didn't know that system until the final was over (Okamoto) and Cage-kun instructed me to go to the place where the spectators are and collect coins.However, there were a lot of people gathering at the venue, and I just wanted to make them excited.Looking back now, I'm glad I did a bad trick (laughs).

-Did you hide the 3D spin outs in the qualifying?
If you do a great job in qualifying, the people who are watching will think, "Do you want to do that again?"But don't you hate being able to read what you're going to do next?That's why the qualifying was pretty restrained because I wanted to do something surprising to the viewers.At the beginning, I was able to make a lot of the techniques I was aiming for, so it seems like I was playing the rest.

A large audience was excited by the illusionary tricks
A large audience was excited by the illusionary tricks

What is your impression of the section?
I was wondering if there would be more transfers from the middle rail.If you want to win the championship, you have to do a different trick than everyone else ... You have to attack differently.However, it was unexpectedly difficult because both the down rail and the kink rail were tight.So, I switched to aiming for the best trick rather than winning.And what I did was tricks such as 3D spinout.I think it was good that I was able to win the championship by pulling out some other good feelings.

-The cheers of the gallery were amazing, but did you hear it properly?
Maybe I didn't hear much.When I slipped, I climbed the stairs, prepared, slipped, climbed the stairs, and so on.Maybe I could only hear my breathing (bitter smile).

-Did you get any inspiration from other riders?
I knew everyone was going to attack, so I felt like I kept doing what I wanted to do at my own pace.After that, let's enjoy the atmosphere of the place.

-How was the system where not only the judges but also the gallery voted to win the championship?
I thought it was interesting.A famous rider will come near the audience, and I think it will be possible to take pictures together, and I think it's good for the rider to get closer to the audience.

-What are you planning to use the prize money for?
I'm thinking of buying a Segway that was also at the COWDAY venue ... but I'm still at a loss (laughs).

-You have a strong image of jumping, but do you like jib originally?
When I was little, it might be an overstatement to say Jibber, but I was better at jib than jumping, and I was pretty tight.


-Where were you practicing?
In the old days, I often went to the Gifu area near my hometown, such as Dynaland and Hirugano Plateau.I also participated in jib competitions.I think I've always been particular about style, but maybe because it was small, I focused on tricks. I also did tricks like spinning around 450 in and 450 out.

-By the way, what is your current home slope?
It's Mt. Washigatake in Gifu.However, recently, there are many overseas expeditions, and I'm less likely to ski on Japanese slopes.Even when slipping, there may be many people in Japan.

-Finally, what are your goals for the future?
In the near future, there are still some big contests left, so it's time to win the slopestyle event there.

04_2019cow252Hiroaki Kunitake
Date of Birth: February 2002, 2
Birthplace: Agui Town, Aichi Prefecture

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