Introducing Yone film "Live Naturally 6" with the ultimate horizontalists.

"Live Naturally 6" is the first work in XNUMX years since the previous work.This movie is released on YouTube for free.
A movie focused on the ultimate side-riding "4S" of Snowboarding, Skateboarding, Surfing, Sound, where Yone film spent a lot of time and spotlighted the undoubted mens and fields.

A unique rider appears, and all the charms of snowboarding are included, from the magnificent big line to the finest powder ride and full-blown pipe ride.It is also interesting because it expresses the lifestyle of snowboarders such as skating scenes, art, and work.

In addition, the cast rider is not only a snowboarder, but also the original that Yone film carefully selected people from skaters to surfers are spotlighted.

"Live Naturally 6" for XNUMX years, cut out from a unique perspective.

This work is about 50 minutes, which is more than enough, and is a new style that mixes conventional 8mm film and digital photography, and combines analog and digital.It's very comfortable to watch along with the songs that I've been particular about, and I want to go skiing right away.

This is a must-check movie for this season!
Check it out!

4S Movie (Snowboarding.Skateboarding.Surfing & Sound)
Ruiki Masuda.Takaharu Nakai.Masashi Nishina.Sayaka Kato.Go Biyajima.Ken Shibuya.Shuji Kajiura.Yuu Nishiyama.Goro Komatsu.Jiro Nakayama.Satoshi Saito.Marcos Batista.Toshiyuki Moriyama.Asahi Yoshino.Yatto Yoshino.Yuta Kobayashi. .Yusaku Horii.Keita Yamzaki.Keito Kumazaki.Yoshinari Uemura.Yoko Nakamura.Kenji Ando.Shingo 420.

Takaoki Hashimoto.Jahi.Jewrry.Takaaki Shinzato.Shoma Takeda.Lui Araki.Wataru Ganeko.Daikon.Kuro.Kami.Daisuke Mochizuki.Yosuke Oka.Shiki Yokoo.

Tomohisa Yoshikawa.shun Murakami.

QBCKeita Yamazaki.Storks.Nagan Server.Jitzuwa Finder.
The Factors.Soft.Green Shit-81

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