Private affairs

Next winter, next season,

I wonder if it will rain much more than last year.

Next winter, I've decided what to do, and there are some light and challenging parts, so I'm really thinking about what to do and what to do.

What to do what to do

Design because there is a way where there is a will

I want to expand the range of activities by lobbying because activity costs are required.I have a lot of things I want to do. ..

Anyway, I'm looking forward to next winter
Cameras are getting newer, and is it a stabilizer stick for drones?Gopro can do interesting things.

For the past few years, I've had a lot of shooting, but basically, I've slipped in quite a bit, so I wish I could make a good part.

Gopro hero4 session

Natural backside hips and tweaks One of my favorite snowboard moves

This was a surprise last season.Cover of German Snosuke magazine

Snowboard Snowboard No board, snowboard.Split board.

Will it still increase?

Snowboarding super interesting

KEEN Revel Ⅲ Gore-tex @ThompsonPass, AK

What makes you feel the most heartbeat

What are you looking for and what are you satisfied with?

Create an environment where you can do that.

This is difficult.It's difficult if you think about it.

Take it easy Don't rush

Everything happens for a reason.

Causal response

Soft and rigid  

If pushed, pull, if pulled, push  


It's summer!