OGASAKA's representative model "CT" _OGASAKA SNOWBOARDS that enjoys true carving fun

The popular wide model
Appeared in another color version!

139, 143, 146, 148, 150, 151F, 152, 154, 154W, 156, 156W, 158, 158W, 161
PRICE: ¥ 94,600 (tax included)

An all-round board that is the core of the lineup in OGASAKA SNOWBOARDS. The most popular model with reliability that is said to "choose CT if you get lost". "CT = COMFORT TURN", that is, an orthodox freestyle board with a round nose, round tail, and directional shape that thoroughly pursues comfortable turn performance, and there is only a model that represents OGASAKA, and its perfection is very high. ..Just stepping on the board a little will create a deflection, the board will turn in the direction you want to go, and the edges will grip the snow surface firmly.Extremely straightforward operability is the biggest attraction of "CT", and the stability and operability as an all-round board are perfect.
Furthermore, "the repulsive force is light and the board feels light" "the flex of the entire board draws a soft and beautiful flex curve" "Therefore, the sweet spot is wide and you can easily bend without being nervous about the riding position (position)" The excellent performance of CT is highly trusted by many snowboarders, and it can be recommended to a wide range of people from beginners to professional users.
The added wide versions of 154W, 156W, and 158W are also very popular.Not only for people with big legs, but also for those who have the advantage of not generating drag even if the binding is set sideways or in a chest of drawers, it is expanding new possibilities and increasing the number of fans.
The wide version of the new model will appear in a black tone summary and a chic different color.

Smooth board control with round nose and soft flex throughout
Soft flex and compound side curves that bring out balanced turn performance in all rounds
The setback is 156 cm and 18 mm, and the setting differs depending on the length.
A smooth round shape with a tail that does not make you feel any habit.Not only the stability of the turn, but also adapts to movements on various slopes and has repulsive force in tricky movements.

> Pre-emptive gear special feature: OGASAKA SNOWBOARDS
>Made in Japan's high-performance powder board series "SHIN" completed by introducing abundant experience and technical capabilities
>"FC" that introduced a semi-hammer shape to pursue the real pleasure of full carving
>All-round play full board "TF" that fully added play elements to excellent carving performance

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