Ryo Aizawa joins the SIMS Global Team!This season he will be riding SIMS boards, and with his strong presence, he will undoubtedly lead the world snowboard scene.

Ryo Aizawa is attracting attention from all over the world for his one and only original style that will remain in your mind once you see it, and for his solid skills.

FREERUN in last month's issue (on sale October 10)The artificial terrain park event "UZUMAKI", which he produced himself, was a great success with various snowboarders gathering across all generations and genres.

Of course, the article about the event was also published on 14 pages in last month's issue of FREERUN.

And the latest topics of Ryo Aizawa, who goes without saying that he is currently a rider to watch out for, have arrived!

Surprisingly, he has joined the SIMS SNOWBOARDS global team, which gathers notable riders who are active in Japan and overseas, such as John Jackson, Keegan Baraika, Scott Blum, Tadashi Fuse and Shuhei Sato.

This season, Ryo Aizawa will be riding a SIMS board and keeping an eye on him.
With its presence, it must lead the snowboard scene in the world.
I'm looking forward to your future activities!!


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