Today I went to a place called the Japan Institute of Sports Sciences in Akabane ☆
I've been here since May of this year, and when I'm in Japan, I go there a couple of times a week, but the facilities are amazing and I can do various training.It ’s really fulfilling.↑ ↑ ↑
I've been doing weight training today, but I'm also doing rehabilitation training and mental training, and I'm really in good shape ♪
 The season is already starting, so I'll do my best to build a solid body here and make it a fulfilling season ~ ↑↑

There are so many machines that you can do various trainings ♪

Today (left photo), Natsume, a national team of ski moguls, was training, so I took a picture together.Next to me is Mr. Toyama, who is always watching the training.It's been about XNUMX months since Toyama-san saw me, but my body has improved a lot ☆ My body axis has become quite stable, my spin has improved, and I'm in a position to fall. ↑↑↑
Thank you very much.

Today I focused on training my legs and waist.
It was pretty tight lol