SMITH's new proposal "CORE selection" that advances to environmentally friendly manufacturing_SMITH OPTICS

"CORE" is an abbreviation for COmmunity REsponsibility, which shows the attitude of fulfilling social responsibility as a company, especially in protecting the environment, from a sustainable perspective.

Awareness of a sustainable society that is spreading worldwide.It extends not only to the national level, but also to the level of local governments, businesses and individuals.The wave has reached our snow industry, and companies are beginning to make environmentally friendly products.

SMITH announced the "CORE Selection" as the first step.The frame of sunglasses in the same series is made from recycled PET bottles. Five PET bottles are used for the frame of one sunglasses.In other words, five PET bottles for each pair of sunglasses will be reused without being thrown away as garbage.In addition, recycled materials are also used in the attached microfibers and packages.For snow goggles, the "Landscape Collection", which uses recycled paper for the packaging and recycled nylon for the goggles band and soft case, is now available.Both are series with the desire to minimize the impact on the natural environment as a brand that loves nature and the outdoors.

The latest series made for the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Three models including a unisex design have been lined up so that anyone who wants to choose the CORE series can wear it. (Left) Lowdown 3 CORE (Center) Shoutout CORE (Right) Eastbank CORE Color: Matte Black Price: ¥ 2 + tax


The attached microfiber is also made of a material made from recycled PET bottles.FSC certified paper is used for the package

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