Mont Saint Michel, a church floating on the lake!

Mont Saint Michel was a mysterious shape, three or four hours drive from Paris.
I've seen it on tv

If you were thinking "I want to go to a place like this one day!"
I will be able to go this time
Petit dream has been realized ♪

At the top of this object, by the time you reach the church, there are small shops and restaurants, and there is a statue of Jeanne d'Arc. .. ..
I arrived at the church while climbing the winding slope. .. ..

A pillar in the courtyard of the church.
The pillars made of this stone are engraved with various patterns such as flowers, but it seems that none of them are the same.

It is full of mysteries that such a thing can be made in this era.

Inside the church!

The fact that it is a very sacred place with the light shining through the window was conveyed just by being there, and I felt that it would be cleansed just by being there ☆

Seagulls stopped on the exterior of the church and looked at the scenery.

Can you see it? ??

The seagulls here may be religious ☆

"Seeing is believing"

It was Mont Saint Michel that I was watching on TV,

I was able to actually walk and climb on my own feet, listen to hymns, write vows at the church, pray, and touch the building.

All I felt in it was something I couldn't feel on TV.

I'm really glad I came!

I want to spend every day not forgetting the feelings I experienced here!