Only a few left

It's been two days since I was able to slide in Michigan.

It seemed like it was a long time, and it wasn't long.

Now, Michigan is quite lonely.

Kazu, Rei, and Soko went to X-GAME from Japan, and Shiho-chan has already returned to Japan.

Currently, there are only six Japanese teams left in Michigan: coaches Watatani-san, Haribe-san, trainer Shimazaki-san, me, Kohei, and Lana.

I'm lonely.

Well, I can only slip for the next two days, but I will do my best not to get injured.

The day before yesterday, I came here for the second Japanese food ♪

Since I came here, it's been American food every day, so it's getting really hot.

Besides, I got a little fat (laughs)

That's why the Japanese food the day before yesterday really came back to life ~ ☆

Mr. Haribe, it was a treat ♪

It was delicious ↑↑↑

Photo, Kohei

Yesterday, the weather was bad and the pipes froze and I couldn't fly at all, so we both hike and shoot (laughs).

Kohei is really good at jib ~ ♪

The movement is also cool.

Maybe I'll leave a bad video in the jib soon and let me be scared.

Photo, me

Seriously, it's too bad.

Kohei was laughing and laughing every time I took a picture (laughs)

Really, I don't have a sense of jib.

After the Olympics, maybe I should go to Kotaro and become a disciple (laughs)

Photo, me, Kohei

Yesterday, it was the coldest time to come here.

It seems that it was about -XNUMX degrees.

Among them, Ron T & bare-handed box, hike was hard (laughs)

Photo, Mr. Watatani

Yesterday's best shot ☆

Our coach, Mr. Watatani, is really bad at slipping.

Because I tried double cork with an air mat before us players.

That's how cool it is.

If you don't know Mr. Watatani, please watch this video ♪