The best choice for sliding down in search of fun is “EASY RIDER”_NEVER SUMMER

If you want to slide easily, this is the board for you.
Excellent stability with triple camber effect

Size: 148, 154, 157, 1568X, 160X
Price: ¥ 132,000 (tax included)

``EASY RIDER'' made its debut this season and received feedback from many snowboarders saying it was ``fun.'' Although it is a high-performance board that is unique to NEVER SUMMER, it was developed with the theme of being able to ride ``EASY''. Although it has high performance, it is by no means a difficult board; the appeal of this board is that it is easy to ride, easy to handle, and allows you to easily enjoy snowboarding.
Equipped with a triple camber in a mid-flex twin shape with no quirks. Anyway, the edging corn troll is easy to stabilize in any situation. The twin shape allows you to slide hard even with switches, making it extremely easy to maneuver and enjoy freestyle tricks.
As stated in the catalog as ``ALL MOUNTAIN TWIN'', EASY RIDER is basically positioned as an all-round board that allows you to fully enjoy freeriding, without being limited to ``twin = park''. I want you to enjoy freestyle riding throughout the snowy mountains in an ``EASY'' way.

The mid-flex and triple camber twin structure makes it very easy to handle and balanced.
Although it has a twin shape, it emphasizes all-round performance, making it a very fun board not only for park riding but also for regular free riding. The triple camber effect provides surprisingly good stability in turns.
1 Co-Extruded Polymer Topsheet
2 Carbon Max Laminate Technology
3 Triple Camber Twin Profile
4 Extended Transition Area
5 Power Grip Sidecut
6 Low Profile Nose/Tail
7 STS Pre-tensioned Fiberglass
8 Bi-Lite Fiberglass
9 NS SuperLight Wood Core
10 RDS 2 Damping System
11 Elastomeric Underfoot Stabilizers
12 Sintered UHMW Polyethylene Sidewall
13 P-tex Nose/Tail Protection
14 Durasurf XT Sintered 5501 Base
15 Full Wrap Metal Edge

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