NITRO's QUIVER series, which will be the 8th year next season

BANKER * From left to right
Size: 156, 159cm
Price: ¥ 89,000

Size: 154, 159cm
Price: ¥ 89,000

Size: 156, 163cm
Price: ¥ 89,000

Size: 149cm
Price: ¥ 69,000

Size: 173, 203cm
Price: 173: ¥ 90,000, 203: ¥ 99,000

The QUIVER series will be in its 8th year next season.Initially, we started with 3 models centered on POW, but now we have a series of unique and functional models in the NITRO board lineup, and those who want to enjoy powder, grooming burn, and banked slalom to the fullest. Has gained tremendous support from.It is no exaggeration to say that the QUIVER series has become the core of the brand.More models and sizes have been added this season, and the shape, flex, side cuts, etc. have been thoroughly reviewed so that all snowboarders can enjoy riding even more, starting with SLASH with minor changes.Due to the uniqueness of the board itself, the graphics are kept simple, and the design by Brian Fox and Austin Smith is consistent, making it a finish that can be enjoyed for a long time regardless of the times.The concept is to provide the fun of snowboarding that you can't get with a regular all-mountain or freestyle board.It will not shake in the future.

A new model specializing in powder, surf style riding and carving.It features a thick and short shape that emphasizes floating feeling and operability in powder.It is recommended to decide the length according to the size of the foot, not the board length.


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