Night games will start from today !! Spring Valley Izumi Kogen Ski Resort with a high degree of fulfillment of the park, convenient and highly satisfying

Park night gameSpring Valley Izumi Kogen is popular for its easy access to snowboarding, about 40 minutes from the center of Sendai city.Located on the northeastern slope of Izumigatake, the snow quality is light and the amount of snow is stable along with artificial snowfall.When we went to the interview last season, we enjoyed the powder with a night game, but it is a ski resort with excellent conditions that the snow conditions are good despite being close to the city.Altitude 687m-959m, altitude difference 272m.4 lifts, 12 courses.The longest gliding distance is 1,400m and the maximum slope is 36 degrees.The biggest feature is the night game business held every day and the snow park boasting the largest number of items in Miyagi.Introducing the charm of Spring Valley where you can glide even after work or from the afternoon.


izumi night game slope

The biggest point of Spring Valley Izumi Kogen is that it is open every day for night games.All the courses and parks along the main quad lift can be played night games, so you can play all day, or you can play from other areas, and you can play in various ways.The night game is open until 22:1 every day, and on Fridays and Saturdays, it is extended by one hour until 11:12 pm.A fulfillment level that allows you to slide down with just a night game. (* Night games on 31/3, 3 / 3-7 / 3, 10 / 3-14 / 21 are open until 00:1) Also, on Eleven Nighter Day (every Friday and Saturday) after mid-January, night games We carried out slope maintenance before.Enjoy comfortable riding in the refreshed grooming barn.
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izumi forest course

The forest course is located on the far right from the top of the mountain.As the name suggests, a tree course surrounded by trees.Keep non-compacted snow on a side-country course that makes the best use of the terrain.The slope is as gentle as 14 degrees at the maximum, so even beginners of the tree can easily enjoy the atmosphere. (OPEN when the course conditions are met)
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Miyagi's largest snow park, consisting of kickers and jib items, allows you to choose from beginner to advanced levels.A variety of items are laid out from the top to the bottom, and you can enjoy it while sliding.Use the lift to repeat efficiently.The items are generally for beginners to intermediates, but a big kicker is scheduled to open under the middle of the snow from the time when there is a lot of snow.

Free lesson Rookies Park
Every day from mid-January to mid-March 2019, free lessons (limited to season ticket and time ticket purchasers) will be held by Digger of Spring Valley Snow Park for snow park beginners only.Lectures on safe ways to enjoy using park rules, etiquette, mini kickers and BOX.Those who wish to participate are accepted in the restaurant from 1:3 to 12:30.
There are many other school menus in Spring Valley Izumi Kogen