Purchase a spring limited season ticket and slide down Nekoma Mountain until the end of the season!!

Starting this season, the former Hoshino Resorts Alts Bandai and Nekoma Ski Resort will be connected by a lift at the top of the mountain, making ``Hoshino Resorts Nekoma Mountain'' one of the largest scale resorts in Japan.
The southern area also revived in March due to Megumi's snow. In the north area, there is still 3cm of snow at the top of the mountain and more than 220cm at the base (as of March 180th), so you can still enjoy plenty of riding.

The park will be further scaled up. In addition to slope style, there are also terrain parks and bumps, so there is a wide variety of courses.
Furthermore, the much-talked-about banked slalom is also scheduled to be installed in mid-March.

Additionally, in the north area, business hours will be earlier than March 3th, with lifts starting at 25:5 a.m. on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, and 55:7 a.m. on weekdays, so you can enjoy riding in better conditions early in the morning. is.
First thing in the morning we cruised under good snow conditions. After fully enjoying the thrill of carving turns, take a short break to reset your mind.
Afterwards, we recommend spending the day enjoying the terrain park and slopestyle, aiming to improve your skills.
Also, it might be fun to take a leisurely stroll through the nature and town of the Bandai area after your tour.

And if you want to ski down Nekoma Mountain this spring, be sure to purchase a ``Spring Limited Season Ticket.''

<Spring limited season ticket>
Usage period: March 2024, 3 until the end of the season
Amount: Adults / 25,000 yen, Junior and senior high school students / 17,000 yen, Elementary school students / 16,000 yen, 20-23 years old / 12,800 yen, 24-29 years old / 22,800 yen

Spring/Charm of Nekoma Mountain

▶︎Terrain Park is safe even for park beginners
The terrain park is a park that anyone can enjoy at their own pace. If you think you can fly, you can increase your speed and jump, or if you think it's difficult, just try to climb over it, climb up the wall, hit the wall, or try to make your own line. You can choose.
It might be fun to enjoy the terrain park with your friends. Even if you have never been to the park, please give it a try.

You can enjoy the speed up and down just by riding over the waves.
The appeal of terrain parks is that you can enjoy jumping, climbing on walls, and hitting walls.

▶︎Improve your overall sliding ability with the banked slalom course
Riding smoothly on a banked slalom course requires a variety of riding skills, including turning techniques and speed control.
That's why when you practice banked, you can naturally learn board control that you didn't know about, and you can improve your skills in various ways.
In mid-March, a banked drum lom course was completed in the north area. Let's go and try the challenge.

Banked slalom also allows you to develop various recovery skills. Be careful not to go off course at first. Let's gradually speed up

▶︎Slopestyle park will be even more expanded in spring
Many people look forward to the park season every year, saying, ``When you think of spring, you think of Nekoma Park.''
In addition to items suitable for various levels, continuous kickers that allow you to enjoy the pleasant floating feeling of jumping are also very popular. A variety of boxes and rails are now available for those who like jib items. We support various skill improvement.
How much you can improve this spring will depend greatly on how far you can skate through Nekoma Mountain Park!
Information about the parkhere

A continuous kicker that allows you to enjoy the feeling of floating with a comfortable rhythm.
Nekoma Mountain's kicker is also very safe. However, try to gradually improve your skills while having fun and adjusting to your own level!



It looks like cherry blossom viewing will be a little earlier this year.
Another feature of the Aizu Bandai area is that you can enjoy cherry blossom viewing after skiing.
Let's enjoy a spring-like snowboarding trip!!

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