Spring park is fun!Grandeco Snow Resort

Did you know that this season's Grandeco Snow Resort has more snow than usual and you can enjoy Golden Week such as free run and park riding?

Access from the metropolitan area is smooth by using the Tohoku Expressway and Joban Expressway as well as snowboarders and skiers in the local Tohoku region.

You can enjoy the luxurious atmosphere of the hotel "Hotel Grandeco" and the "Stone kiln pizza in the sky" at the top of the gondola, Bunabuna, and feel like a resort with a calm atmosphere.
In the slope area, you can enjoy powder snow during the winter season and the super long XNUMXkm beginner course with various courses, and in the spring season you can enjoy the park riding of "PARK XNUMX" by turning the lift in the XNUMXth quad. ..
One of the attractions of Grandeco Snow Resort is that you can make choices that meet the needs of your family and friends.



"PARKXNUMX" has a wide variety of kickers, from a XNUMXm big kicker that even advanced players can enjoy to a XNUMXm kicker that is ideal for practicing jumps.
In addition, the park design allows you to enjoy jumps, rails, boxes and the entire park in a slopestyle format.
In the future, we plan to install a banked slalom in the middle of the park area and renew the park items, etc., and we are providing it as a steadily evolving park.



The five Grandeco Park crews who produce "PARK XNUMX" are created and maintained daily by the crew, and snowboarder Igarashi and skier Takamizawa and two park operators created the park, and of course they. By doing park riding himself, he produces a park from the perspective of both snowboarders and skiers.
In addition, Mr. Igarashi, the captain of the park crew, works for Grandeco as a couple and his wife acts as a patrol to welcome visitors.


Photo: Sachi Tanaka
Photo: Sachi Tanaka

In addition to the park, you can climb to the top of the mountain at an altitude of about XNUMXm by hiking up for about XNUMX hours with snowshoes or split boards in the warm spring weather.Pleasant riding and tree runs on the open barn are waiting for you on the no-track with a magnificent view of Lake Inawashiro and Mt. Bandai.



"Grandeco Snow Resort" that you can still enjoy until Golden Week.Adults gather for spring events! "Deco Adult Treasure Hunt" will be held on April 19th (Sun) at the "Special Event Venue" beside the 1st Quad Platform.
I strongly felt that each staff member has a desire to provide a way of enjoying that suits each style, and that we are providing services by thinking about our customers every day.
In the midst of the spring season, we hope you will fully enjoy the charm of Grandeco Snow Resort, which is the best chance to enjoy various types of skiing such as free run, park and backcountry in the pleasant spring weather.


Grandeco Snow Resort


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