2nd pack for spring season!Information on advantageous accommodation packs from Okutadami Maruyama Ski Resort, which can't wait to open in the spring season

2nd pack for spring season!

The 1st pack, which was well received in the first slip season, will be renewed and will be implemented as the 2nd pack in the spring season as well!

Cheap 1 yen with 2 night 1 meal lift 5,900 day ticket!
As a privilege, the rental fee will be half price.

Target dates: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday between March 3 (Monday) and April 23 (Thursday)
It can be used from 1 person.
Please contact us for the lift ticket for the second day.

We look forward to your use from all the staff.

Please inquire in detail.
Nature College Green Academy TEL: 025-795-2684okutadami-2ndpack