The guest of the last Yukie House this season is Fumika Hoshino, a girl rider who is familiar with slopestyle competitions and is popular for her unique character and charming personality.
As an athlete
While playing an active part in the contest scene, she has recently taken a picture of the riders around her with a single-lens reflex camera and produced a video, and she has a multi-talented talent as an artist.Yukie Ueda spells out her charm that she felt during her stay in the mammoth.
Text: Yukie Ueda

Fumika Hoshino came to the spring mammoth where the days are getting longer and sightseeing and activities are fulfilling. Photo: Yukie Ueda

Appearance of a girl with a loud voice

An energetic girl has arrived.From waking up to going to bed, he speaks loudly and laughs.A girl like the sun that brightens the surroundings.

Professional snowboarder Fumika Hoshino.
It's a face you often see on SNS.Looking at her post, you can see that she is using SNS well.I was impressed that she was a girl who could express what she had to convey, not just self-satisfaction.

Fumika's style that wants to incorporate girlishness into both slip and fashion Photo: Wataru Okamoto

I had no acquaintance with Fumika, but I have been exchanging messages for about four years.Even though I had never met him, I was sent a long life consultation (laughs).It seems a little frustrating, but the advice given to Fumika's question, which she asks obediently, naturally overflows.Fumika was a junior in the snowboarding world for me, even if I hadn't met him yet.

It was this spring's mammoth that Fumika, who said, "I want to go to the place where Yukie is," finally appeared in front of me.

Finally, I have been living with a girl who has a loud voice and is more energetic than I imagined for almost two months.She was so bright that she quickly blended into my home.

Is it a sister or a daughter?Fumika's character who sometimes becomes an aunt in the neighborhood Photo: Raibu Katayama

Her sense of shining in the snowy mountains

Fumika is a modern girl, an athlete, and an artist.While riding as a slipper himself, he takes pictures of the riders around him with a single-lens reflex camera in one hand.Also produce video.

Now, anyone can easily shoot and edit video using a mobile phone, but Fumika has a certain amount of equipment and has more knowledge and sense than an amateur.I like to leave pictures and make works.I felt a passion and commitment to photography and video.

In my late twenties, my snowboarding will continue to evolve.But she knows that snowboarding has a lot of potential and added value.She was in the process of figuring out what to do and what she had to do to do that.

Spring Yukie House members and local kids.Snowboarding makes it possible for everyone with different years and careers to become one.

Her snowboard

The first snowboard I rode at the age of XNUMX.Born and raised in a snowy country, there is a lot of snow around the house.She was in elementary school and skated all day long.It was fun and I couldn't help it.

Overseas that jumped out at the age of XNUMX.I was impressed by the excitement of knowing that there are other people who like snowboarding so much.

I like English and studied.The personality of being able to talk brightly with anyone was put to good use overseas.Even if I made a mistake or it was difficult to pronounce, she spoke openly in her own loud voice, and foreigners listened to her and sometimes taught me words and pronunciation.Such a figure of her can still be seen.

She made local friends everywhere she went.

I asked Fumika what snowboarding is like.

"Snowboarding makes it possible to meet various people and enrich your life."

Fumika slips with a big smile, and when the tension rises, a loud laughter echoes on the slope Photo: Wataru Okamoto

Fumbling into the invisible future

"I have a lot of hints, but I still don't know how it will take shape."

During Fumika's stay, I was interviewed by Fumika many times.It's the way home from snowboarding, or when I'm preparing dinner.

"How do you think Yukie could do what she liked?"

Ask with straight eyes.

I remembered my late twenties when I started the snowboarding business and talked about it.I think she was picking up each word with the momentum to take notes.

The times are different now than those days.But in any era, you can't do anything new without having a wide field of view and an antenna.

Fumika says. "Instagram and YouTube have become the easiest route to tell snowboarders around us, so we value SNS."However, on the other hand, he valued the most analog thing of going out of the sea and seeing and feeling it.

XNUMX-year-old who not only enjoys self-satisfaction but also acts to realize the desire to send out Photo: wataru okamoto

A mysterious girl who casually puts her brown hair together and dresses in the make-up and fashion of today, but for some reason feels the atmosphere of the Showa era.I think that atmosphere reflects the contents of her as it is.

I hope that Fumika Hoshino will establish a way of interacting with snowboarding and will surely add a bright flower to this industry in the near future.

With a vibrant style, she will make her own line in this industry. Photo: Yukie Ueda


Photo: Yukie Ueda

Fumika Hoshino

1989Years11Month3Born on the day.Born in Niigata prefecture, lives in Nagano prefecture.
Born and raised in a snowy country, upon graduating from high schoolJWSCEnrolled in (All Japan Winter Sports College).Promoted to a professional in a snowboard slopestyle competition.Currently “Who's TV” Deliver the video at.From the perspective of a girl, she is working to convey to many people the [Happy Snowboard Life] that includes not only snowboarding but also lifestyles in Japan and overseas.Sponsored by: ROXY,SALOMON, Marasaki Sports Niigata,POW gloves,PoPhdwr,ELECTRIC, Ice tune, Obuse Quest,Feiyu Tech,moumou house, Leeds Dog Supply , Hoshino Agricultural Products,Dale ,Smile field


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Yukie Ueda
1973Years1Month22Born on the day.Born in Tokyo.Started snowboarding in Whistler, Canada24After a year of competitions such as half pipe and big air, Garzuru Movie Production “LIL” Launched and led the Japanese girls scene.Moved to the United States on the occasion of marriage6While raising his old son (Toranosuke), he continued his professional activities, and is currently cultivating various fields in Japan and overseas because he is fascinated by the backcountry.2017Years4Moved to Mammoth Mountain, and started a new life with his family more naturally near the mountain.

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