Burton's latest gear has arrived! Start preparing for the hot winter in the hot summer!

Summer is in full swing, and this summer makes us even more aware of global warming.While raising the feeling of consideration for the environment,
In such a case, if you imagine winter and travel to the snow country,
You might be able to get through the harsh heat without worrying about it. . .

The FREERUN editorial department has finished producing the catalog number, and on August 8th (Thursday), the snowboard gear catalog 29-2022 will be released at bookstores nationwide.
It's time to start preparing for winter!

Meanwhile, news from Burton.
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Burton.com,Burton Flagship Tokyo / Sapporo / Nagano / Osaka,Burton Outlet Yokohama / KaruizawaToWinter 2023The hard goods of the model are received.
The new model is finally starting to move.

To welcome the hot winter, why not visit and check it out?
If the shop is far away,Burton.comis checked.