I went skiing at the northernmost ski resort in Japan.

Since the cold weather has approached Hokkaido since yesterday, we will start ski resort reviews this season as well!

The first ski resort of this season is the northernmost ski resort in Japan.I went to shoot in mid-February 2018.The northernmost part of JapanCape Soya.Do you know where the northernmost ski resort in Japan is?

komadoriThe northernmost ski resort is the Komadori ski resort in the northernmost city "Wakkanai".It's a pretty name.

Screenshot 2018-11-16 11.37.13
It was cloudy and mixed with snow on this day.The sun seemed to be a little invisible, so I was worried if I could see the sea from the ski resort.I ran the car thinking that it would be too disappointing if I couldn't see anything even though I came to the northernmost ski resort in Japan.

1Somehow there was a sunny day, and it was a gliding while looking at the northernmost bay in Japan, "Soya Bay".

7The northernmost course map.
There are 2 lifts and 3 courses on the slopes.

9The northernmost ski resort rest house.

Screenshot 2018-11-16 11.56.44The northernmost lift.

2Although the ski resort is the size of a local ski resort, there are many places to play.Komadori Ski Resort is the northernmost ski resort.

Please go and see it.

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The rider who went to this ski resort with me was RIDER Yo Amagai, a Niseko down chill crew who is active on expeditions to Hokkaido, various parts of Japan and overseas.
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The latest sloped DVD has been released.

This title is
RIGHT PLACE RIGHT TIME -To have a good time on the snowboard-

The previous work, the slope commentary movie "Riders Line", was created with the theme of "sliding comfortably".What is as important to snowboarding as slipping this time?I thought about it and dealt with the slippery field. The theme of this work was "choose or aim for a ski resort where you can ski on your own initiative".Please take a look!

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