Introducing AA HARDWEAR's team movie "WEEKEND" that holds sessions at a park in Japan!

“It doesn’t matter how people see it, it’s whether or not they can accept it.I think that what was born in that way will become the style of AA HARDWEAR.Fashion goes out of style, but style stays the same.”

I would like to introduce the team movie "WEEKEND" of domestic snowboard wear AA HARDWEAR (Double A Hardware) that upholds the concept of this brand.

This movie is about 5 minutes long freestyle riding movie where 47 AA riders based in Nagano hold sessions at Fujiten, Palcor, Marunuma, 10 and Okushiga parks.

Check out the video of NEXT GENERATION RIDER attacking the park and get excited for the coming winter season!

Kodai Nakamura / Takeyori Kogure / Takuya Takizawa / Taro Matsuno / Zen Wada