Kiwi Guy: “Herc” Glenn Wills interviewed by Japan

Traveling lots of places and now lives in Japan. So many people respect him.

For Japanese people, many people may feel the splendor of the climate woven by the nature of the four seasons.However, even those who think that "Japan has wonderful snow" may not be able to re-recognize the wonderfulness unless they actually experience the countries of the world.

As a result of being fascinated by the snow of Japan, there are many foreigners who live permanently in Japan from overseas, but this time we will feature "Herc" Glenn Wills, which many friends from all over the world, including Japanese, love.
Herc enjoyed surfing based on Whangamata in New Zealand, but after visiting Wanaka on the South Island, he became absorbed in Snowboarding and decided to live in Japan. I'm enjoying Snowboarding.
I will send you a short interview that honestly talks about your current thoughts about why you left your hometown and came to Japan.

XNUMX) Herc, why did you move from New Zealand to Japan?Did you have any chance?

I came to Japan in pursuit of snow.I lived in Wanaka, New Zealand, and there were a lot of Japanese people visiting Wanaka at that time.When driving to the ski resort
I had a Japanese hitchhiker on board and they told me how great the snow in Japan is.
And my best friend in Japan invited me and my daughter to his house in Japan, and on the first daySeki hot springTaken me to.I still remember how great it was.

1) Herc, why you came to Japan from New Zealand? Do you have any reason?

I came to Japan for the snow. I was living in Wanaka and there were many Japanese there then. I would pick up Japanese hitch hikers and they told me how good the snow is in Japan. A good friend invited me and my daughter to come and stay at his house, the first day he took me to Seki OnsenHow amazing it was I still remember.

He has his own riding style. It will never change… .. respect.

XNUMX) Please list the good and bad things about living in Japan.

The good thing about Japan is that people are peaceful and have good manners.And also Music and Art.There are many great musicians and artists in Japan.Of course snow too!Antelope.I love antelopes!

The bad thing about Japan is that summer is very hard.It's too humid.I'm like being born in a place surrounded by snow, so my body is used to winter.Also, there are too many officials and politicians in Japan, and TEPCO.

2) Let us know good things and bad things in Japan lifestyle

Good things about Japan ,,, Peace and good manners, the people. Music and Art, many good musicians and artists in Japan. The snow of course, and Kamoshika, I love Kamoshika!
Bad things… Summer is difficult, too humid.I was born in a snow storm, my body likes winter. Too many bureaucrats and politicians.TEPCO.

Herc with NZ's famous musician “ShapeShifter” crew! They keep coming to Japan for riding.


XNUMX) Don't you miss New Zealand?

Of course I miss NZ, my family and friends, Pohutakawa (a tree that everyone knows in NZ and also known as the NZ Christmas tree with red flowers in the summer), my favorite surf point, and the bar in Whangamata. Momo.

3) Do you miss NZ life?

Yes, I miss NZ, Family and friends, pohutakawas, my favorite surf break, Whangamata Bar.

Looking good mate! Orange writing said "I am Minakami-Town Fire department committee member"


XNUMX) I think that Japanese people don't really understand how wonderful the snow in Japan is compared to the rest of the world.What do you think about this?

It's true that many people live in Japan and don't know how wonderful the snow in Japan is.But when you travel the world, you know.When I came to Japan for the second time, I slipped in Hokkaido and my friend said that this season was not good, but when I visited Chitose and looked out from the window, there was snow just before the beach!
At that time, I thought, "If this is a bad season, I have nothing to lose!"

4) We guess not many Japanese snowboarder do not understand or notice how great Japan snow is. Let us know what are you thinking about it.

Many people in Japan don't realize how good the snow is, those who have traveled know.The second time I came to Japan I went to Hokkaido, friends had been telling me it was a bad season, not much snow, coming into Chitose I looked out the window and there was snow right down to the coastline! I was thinking, this is a BAD season, I can't lose !!!

He loves his kids and riding with son…. Great!


XNUMX) Do you have a last word?

To those who inspired and helped with "thank you" and "gratitude".
Reon, Dean and Kazu when they were The Boardhouse Snow & Skate Shop. Keisuke Morimoto,Mitsugu ToyodaSeki hot springInoue-san. Tenjin Crew, Twelve Family, Backyard Toys, Gentem Sticks, Shin Arima and everyone who created the White Valley Crew and Holy Bowly.
Also, the stylish riders Sonny Fischer, Yuichi Onobu, Maico Matsumoto and P Diggsss ,,, styles will never go away.
Shogo Komiyama, Txaco at Japonicus, Rico Rodriguez, Hiroto Komoto, Shoukichi Kina, Family in Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii and Japan, and last but not least, brought me to Japan, here my name I can't say my best friend.Thanks guys!

5) Any words?

Thanks and Praises… All the nice people who have inspired me and helped me and my family… Reon, Deano and Kazu from the Boardhouse days, Keisuke Morimoto,Mitsugu Toyoda, Inoue san at Seki Onsen, Tenjin Crew,Twelve Family, Backyard Toys,Gentem Stick, Shin Arima and the White Valley Crew, all those who helped create Holy Bowly, all the stylish riders
like Sonny Fischer, Yuichi Onobu, Maico Matsumoto and P Diggsss ,,, style will never go out of style.
Shogo Komiyama, Txaco at Japonicus, Rico Rodriguez, Hiroto Komoto, Shoukichi Kina, Family in Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii and Japan, and last but not least, the man who brought me to
Japan ,,, Thanks!


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