Introducing new materials to further improve performance!! Introducing the hammerhead-type high-performance free carving board “DESPERADO Ti [iz]” _GRAY SNOWBOARDS

With the new introduction of polyamide material + titanal ribbon + Izanas®︎
Upgrade your performance

SIZE: I(146), IIn(151), II(152), IIw(154), III(157), IIIw(157.6), IVw(161), IV(163), Vw(166)
PRICE: ¥ 149,600 (tax included)

This is possible because everything is uniquely designed.
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GRAY SNOWBOARDS was started in 1998 by domestic snowboarders and engineers with the aim of creating a snowboard that allows for comfortable solid turns. Without wavering from the start, we have utilized our unique design capabilities to introduce unique theories to the camber arch, and have continued to take on a variety of new challenges, from side curves to core reinforcement and structure. Even the core profile in 1/100mm units is uniquely designed. Because of our commitment to these things, we have become known as a popular brand not only in Japan but also overseas, and the snowboards created by GRAY are receiving even higher praise.
Among GRAY's attractive lineup, the carving category is one that the developers continue to focus on, even though it has already reached the cutting-edge level. The powerful lineup has evolved over time through the accumulation of experience and achievements from numerous riders, and in each new season, new materials have been introduced and the performance has been successfully upgraded.


Introducing three new materials. Created from an exquisite balance
Experience a new sensation of carving turns

GRAY's ``DESPERADO'', which is synonymous with high-performance free carving boards, continues to receive particularly high praise among the many hammerhead-shaped boards.
It is a model that symbolizes the image of a "high performance" board in the entire GRAY lineup, and has been refined through extensive experience and achievements, and has an excellent structure that uses cutting-edge materials and technology, and is designed to ride at speed. Pursuing the limit value of carving turns. Of course, the board's performance continues to evolve, with many achievements in the field of technical competitions.
DESPERADO features a tapered shape based on the unique hammerhead theory, a single camber (vario camber only for VW), and a composite sidecut for outstanding carving performance. Thanks to the long snow contact length and effective edge unique to the hammerhead shape, the squaring of the board firmly grips the snow surface, leading you to turns that take full advantage of your speed.
The newly released DESPERADO Ti[iz] uses the ultra-strong polyethylene fiber "Izanas®" developed by Toyobo under the core, and uses a polyamide material with excellent shock absorption for the top sheet. Furthermore, a titanal ribbon is placed near the upper edge to achieve the stability of metal and the slow return of the board, which is a characteristic of IZANAS®. With the introduction of these three new materials, you can enjoy carving turns with a novel feel created by the exquisite balance.
By using a polyamide material for the top sheet, it is lighter than the previous model, but it also has better vibration absorption and a better ride quality at high speeds. We want you to fully enjoy the world of high-speed carving that is unique to DESPERADO.

The long snow contact length and effective edge due to the hammerhead shape, as well as the single camber structure (vario camber only for VW), allows you to enter stable carving turns from squaring the edge.
Among the many hammerhead-shaped boards, DESPERADO is a popular board that continues to receive high praise from many snowboarders aiming for technical competitions.
The ultra-strong polyethylene fiber "Izanas®" developed by Toyobo is placed under the core, and the top sheet uses a polyamide material with excellent shock absorption.
Equipped with 12+12 insert holes considering the use of plates
The sole material is made of high quality IS7500 graphite sintered material. Equipped with titanal ribbon near the top edge

Preemptive gear feature: GRAY SNOWBOARDS
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