State-of-the-art carving machine “MACH” that leads the new era of run & trick_Gray Snowboards

Medium and low speed dedicated or high speed performance
Choose your favorite specs and enjoy the front-line riding taste

Gray Snowboards
Size: (ABS top) 146, 151, 154, 155W
(Version C) 154ver.C, 155w ver.C
(sintered top) 158, 160w, 163w
Price: ¥ 149,600 (tax included)

The "MACH", which is extremely popular in the Gray Snowboards lineup as a high-performance carving board for enjoying state-of-the-art runs and tricks, has a flexible flex, but the carbon placed under the core provides a fast return. Characteristic.

The "46,51,54,55, XNUMX, XNUMX, XNUMXw" line-up as a run & trick model exclusively for the medium and low speed range uses an ABS top and combines vibration absorption.It has high carving performance due to the compound sidecut, and is adjusted to a flex balance that is as close to a twin as possible.Easy to handle from low speed and high stability during tricks in the medium speed range are attractive.
In addition, carbon ribbon is combined with the ABS top sheet to further improve the response, and the possibility of high-quality running is pursued by setting the flex for carving in the high speed range while being based on Guratori.As a premium model that creates a new riding style with a unique high response feeling, the existence of version C called "54ver.C, 55w ver.C" is also interesting.

And even longer length. The 58,60, 63w, and XNUMX are MACH's flagship line with a sintered top combined with a super carving model that has excellent stability at high speeds.

In this way, "MACH" adjusts the specifications according to the specifications.It continues to evolve in order to continue to challenge the forefront of running and tricks.We want you to experience the riding that can only be experienced with the highest quality "MACH".

A single camber shape that enables sharp carving designed by putting all of our know-how in many years.



An X-shaped carbon roving is placed under the core and an ABS top is adopted. 58, 60w, 63 MACH adopts sintered top



Directional shape with a mix of 3 compound sidecuts



1.8mm wide stainless steel edge

Preemptive gear feature: GRAY SNOWBOARDS
>High-performance guratori model "GENIUS [Cam/Roc]" "TRICKSTICK [iz]" that introduces the highest technology of GRAY SNOWBOARDS
>“LOVEBUZZ” is a free carving series that explores all types of snowy mountain terrain.
>"DELIGHT" has a soft flex design for carving entry users, allowing you to enjoy easy carving from medium to low speeds.

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