Power up as an attack type free riding board, NEW "PRISM LTD" _ALLIAN

Power up as an attack type free riding board,


SIZE: 150, 152, 155cm
PRICE: ¥ 75,000 + tax

ALLIAN has been producing high quality boards for over 20 years as a "brand for riders by riders" centered on Ingemer Buckman.Among them, the flagship model "PRISM" is a high-spec board that has been favored by many top riders.Due to its overwhelming high performance, PRISM has been made into a series, with PRISM INVISIBLE that adopted dark graphics in addition to the normal version, PRISM GIRL that was born for girls riders, and PRISM EAGLE that was developed for youth and juniors. There are many lineups.This season, "PRISM LTD", which has undergone a bold transformation as an offensive free riding board, will be added.It can be said that ALLIAN, which pursues extremely fun snowboarding, was inevitably born as a result of developing to meet the recent popularity of freestyle carving.
PRISM has been repeatedly devised and improved in order to pursue a board that can be freely controlled even in the high speed range.In the PRISM series, which continues to evolve in the ongoing system through long-term research and development, PRISM LTD has basalt fiber arranged in a V shape on the nose and tail instead of carbon as a reinforcing material, and it is softer and more sticky than normal PRISM. Realize a certain flex.The nose part has been changed to a slightly thicker taper type, and the outline has been renewed.Furthermore, because NANO CARBON 999 is used for the sole, the gliding performance is outstandingly good.In addition, although it is a medium flex, the camber height is set as high as 6 mm, so it is possible to ollie firmly wherever you want, and the carving is perfect.In other words, PRISM LTD has the same high-speed stability and high carving performance as the regular version, but you can also relax and mellow riding at will.

“Free riding = free sliding”
"When I'm snowboarding, my mind is naturally clear. It's a world of myself, snowboarding, and the mountains. Listen to the mountains and evoke your instincts. I want people who sympathize with the message from Ingemer to ride this PRISM LTD.I want you to attack the snowy mountains with the power-up attack type free riding board PRISM LTD.

The main board "PRISM" that continues to support the brand
Carbon Kevlar is arranged in a V shape on the nose and tail on a carefully selected wood core, and it has a strong repulsive force while being medium flex.The high-density carbon base with careful stone grind realizes high-speed speed in any snow quality.

SIZE: 150, 152, 155cm
PRICE: ¥ 75,000 + tax

"PRISM INVISIBLE" with a black base
The dark graphic version of PRISM is this PRISM INVISIBLE.The specs are the same as the normal PRISM, but the lineup has longer lengths of 158 cm and 164 cm.

SIZE: 150, 152, 155, 158, 164cm
PRICE: ¥ 75,000 + tax

Girls model "PRISM GIRL" to aim for advanced freestyle
PRISM GIRL is a favorite of many high-level snowboarders, including girls riders.A high-speed double stone grind finish, a luxury board recommended for girls snowboarders aiming for a higher rank.

SIZE: 140, 142, 145cm
PRICE: ¥ 68,000 + tax

Pre-emptive gear feature: ALLIAN
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>"GRIND" that satisfies everyone from beginners to advanced style-oriented people
>"CURVER" dedicated to those who pursue curvaceous beauty with free carving tricks

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