GNU's high-performance board "HYPER" that realizes free riding x style with outstanding buoyancy and controllability


Size: 154, 157, 159W, 160
PRICE: ¥ 104,500

GNU introduces the latest concept and produces many freestyle and freeriding models with excellent performance.Asymmetrical construction for effortless smooth turns, wavy magnetic traction edges for superior edge grip, and Banana Technology for purposeful board performance (optimal combination of rocker and camber for a unique and comfortable ride). Technology that creates comfort) and other cutting-edge snowboards are developed at Marvin's factory in the USA with consideration for sustainability.As a brand loved by snowboarders all over the world, we have an attractive lineup this season.
Among them, the mountain freeriding board "HYPER" that first appeared last season has attracted a lot of attention.Blake Paul, who is based in Jackson Hole in the United States, which is also known as the home mountain of Travis Rice and Brian Iguchi, the holy land of freeriding, and has shown his ability in the backcountry slopestyle contest "NATURAL SELECTION". favorite model.
A double camber structure (HYBRID C2x) with rocker at the center of the board and camber under both feet, a tapered directional shape with a long float nose, and a slightly narrow waist with magnet traction.The tail is a board with an interesting shape called a half-moon tail that enables smooth powder turns.The combination of a simple white deck with a gold logo and a black sole is a fresh addition to the GNU line-up and has become an attraction that attracts new GNU fans.
With a large setback to the C2x construction, the buoyancy in powder is perfect.Accelerate immediately from the start, run through an open barn at top speed, and easily turn around a tight tree run.In addition, the overall soft flex makes it easy to control the board, and the narrow waist makes it easy to turn the edges of carvings.Still, if you enter the park, you can enjoy jumping enough.It is a board that opens up various possibilities depending on the rider.
This board is ideal for those who enjoy cruising down the slopes while enjoying the natural terrain while mixing tricks with freeriding.

"HYBRID C2x" is characterized by high-speed stability created by a large twin camber and sharp carving.The board center has a rocker structure, so the nose naturally floats, and you can enjoy a comfortable floating feeling with powder.
Wave-shaped magnet traction edge grips both rough terrain and icy hard roads for smooth carving turns
Longer float nose with sufficient width.The gold GNU logo shines on the simple white deck, making it a stylish board.
Half moon tail with excellent operability in deep powder

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