Yuto Totsuka Exclusive Interview "The degree of perfection of 1440 has improved, and I want to pursue more style from here."

TOTSUKAAmong the top Japanese riders who are active on the world stage this season, Yuto Totsuka, a young snowboarder and athlete who is now 17 years old, has shown outstanding performance.Last season, when he achieved rapid growth, he advanced to the final of the Pyeongchang Olympics, and the first run fell at the end of the game and did not leave a result. ) Landing mistake.He was struck by the lip and injured, and abstained from the third run.Many people will still remember it.Fortunately, the injury wasn't a big deal, and Totsuka recovered immediately.From there to the best of the season, I explored his heart.

Q: Anyway, this season, Totsuka-kun's good performance became a big topic as I saw it on TV news many times.First of all, thank you for your hard work.I think there have been various things since the Pyeongchang Olympics last year before it led to these results, but first of all, I'm wondering what happened right after the Olympics, but when I went to the final, Got the second first hit at 2 for a bet and fell to the lip.I think the damage was great, but how was your feeling?
Totsuka: I didn't expect the first one to be moss over there, and the second one had no choice but to go.Anyway, I feel very nervous.It's totally different from the atmosphere of the World Cup until then.

Q: When you went to set up that 1440, did you think it was dangerous when you flew?
Yes.When I got out of it, I already knew it, and I was wondering what to do about it !!

Q: Was the damage great?
I was worried, but it wasn't a big deal because I was bruised.

TOTSUKA05Q: How was the result of Pyeongchang and looking back?What do you think wasn't enough for me at that time?
I think I wasn't good at all (laughs).I had just started doing 1440 and wasn't used to it.It's like standing or moss.And I think it wasn't enough mentally.

Q: Do you feel that you have made an effort to overcome this season by the time you reach this season?
I agree.Anyway, I've been practicing 1440 for a long time and now I can hit it without stress.That gives me a lot of confidence, and it's a part where I can afford a little at the competition.I think that if you can show what you have done, you will be able to get good grades, and I feel that you can calm down mentally.I have more confidence in winning than last year.

Q: What is the current 1440 make-up rate?
You're almost standing.There is almost no moss in the tournament.Compared to before, I changed the approach line and how to put the body in rotation, and it has become quite stable.

Q: As we approached this season, was there a goal for me to fight like this?
Anyway, I wanted to decide 1440 neatly at the tournament.In 1440, which was decided by SNOWMASS (USA) before the Pyeongchang Olympics, it was not possible to put in a grab.I was happy to stand up, so I was happy at that time, but I still wanted to decide properly.Now I want to be more conscious of style.

Q: Are there any players who think that style is cool?
Is it Raibu-kun (Katayama Raibu) or Danny (Danny Davis)?That slip of Danny is the strongest.Even if you look at it with your fellow players, everyone is always talking about "Yaba" and Danny who entertains you.

Q: Is there any change in the environment around Totsuka-kun, or have you created an environment where you can concentrate?
Yes, I can do it with confidence.The presence of team staff and SAJ coaches Daisuke Murakami (Daisuke Murakami) and Ryo Aono (Ryo Aono) is significant.From the technical to the mental part, it's encouraging just to have them.

TOSTUKA02Q: 今シーズン、最初のCOPPER MOUNTAIN(USA)では7位だったけど、その後中国大会以降は確実にトップ3に上がって、その後X-GAMEの銀メダル。さらにそこからスイスのWCの2位、最終的にはカナダ(カルガリー2/15)、USA(マンモス3/9)とWC2連勝、そして2年連続で種目別年間優勝って結果につながってきたと思うけど、X-GAMEの2位はかなり弾みになったのかな?
I agree.The atmosphere of the tournament was special, there were quite a few players, and I was conscious of being the biggest tournament I had.However, I regret that I couldn't hit 1440 because I was scared.I was able to leave the result, but there is a place where I could get 1440.

Q: However, good results will be connected more and more from there.Did you find any way to keep up the good work?
No, just concentrate without thinking about anything.It's just like getting things done right in front of you, just thinking about it.When I think about something, it puts pressure on me, so I don't think about anything.

Q: Raibu Katayama, who has also been competing for the top in this season's tournament, and Ruka Hirano of the same YONEX team are also rivals, how do you feel with them?
They are pushing each other with a good feeling.That is a good stimulus.

Q: How is the condition of the board you use all the time, the condition of the REV of YONEX?
Sounds good.The board is very familiar to me and is in good shape.I don't really want you to change it, and it's in the best condition.

Q: Will MADE IN JAPAN's YONEX board attract attention overseas?
Danny was worried before (laughs).I think it's getting attention.

Q: Now that we have to improve our skills toward Beijing, do we have little time to enjoy snowboarding in private?
Well, after all it is almost nonexistent.But this season, when I came back from the Chinese tournament, I slipped powder in Hokkaido.It was really good (laughs).I was really refreshed.

Q: Finally, what kind of areas do you want to strengthen for Beijing in the future?
It is an enhancement of the technique on the back side.I want to put in a big skill in the cab.I want to complete the cab 1440 by Beijing.After that, I would like to put out more styles, and if possible, think about new techniques, techniques that no one is doing, and do it.

Q: Do you have an image?
There is, but it seems difficult.

Q: Is your goal the top in Beijing?
That's right, but there are many rivals.There are also Kimu-kun and Ruka around me, and I feel like I'll continue to live a life that doesn't go unnoticed.Anyway, I will do it one by one.

X Games_2019_SuperPipe in Aspen, Colorado, USA
X Games_2019_SuperPipe in Aspen, Colorado, USA Photo courtesy of: Monster Energy

Yuto Totsuka, a snowboarder and an athlete, is still evolving.At the start of the season, he was more confident than last season, but he was able to achieve overwhelming results in order to win the world's best stage in the high-level technique of Gachinko. Is essential.How far will he, who made a big leap this season, appear in front of us next season?
At first glance, the 17-year-old youth, who does not seem to be doing such a great thing in the world, stands out, but on the inside, he is sure to concentrate on riding for each and every game. I think that the strength as an athlete has been completed.I have high expectations for Yuto Totsuka in the future.

Yuto Totsuka (YUTO TOTSUKA)
Born September 2001, 9 Currently 27 years old from Kanagawa prefecture

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> X-GAMES 2nd place ASPEN 1/27
> FIS World Championships 2nd place PARK CITY 2/8
> US-OPEN 3rd place vail colorado 3/2