Unexpected buoyancy and ease of handling_YONEX technology creates a new sense of free riding board

This season's long-awaited powder day, how to enjoy skating?

The long-awaited season is finally here.If you get good snow from the beginning of the season, you will be able to ski comfortably from December.Furthermore, if the snow piles up more and more, it will enter the peak season of powder snow.With the La Niña phenomenon predicted to bring a lot of snow this season, I would like to hope that we will have as many powder days as possible.I'm sure there are many people who think like that.
On the other hand, powder up to the shins and knees is fine, but I don't like powder beyond that, as it will be buried and painful.Isn't it surprising that there are people who are afraid of powder?
If you get buried in a deep place, not only people who are not good at it, but even people with some skill often have a hard time escaping.
That's why smooth riding that doesn't get buried is required in powder. "Technology to slide on powder".To put it bluntly, even a twin-tip board doesn't mean you can't ski in powder.However, it definitely requires skill to make it possible, and the posture of sliding powder with twin tips is actually not easy.Raise the nose of the board for extra buoyancy to keep it from getting buried in powder.For that reason, it is necessary to put the center of gravity on the tail side, but if you ride on the tail too much, it will stall, or the recoil of the surface pressure on the tail side will push you forward and pierce you, and you will not be able to run smoothly.It is necessary to keep the posture while always worrying about the balance.
A powder board is the thing that makes sliding overwhelmingly easier under such powder conditions.In other words, it's a board that supports your powder skiing skills to the maximum.

In addition to the speed that does not stall, if you can control it smoothly, you can enjoy a pleasant powder turn.

If you have enough buoyancy, deep powder will be easier

A powder board is a board designed to bring out great buoyancy so that you don't sink in powder snow.If the buoyancy generated by the shape of the board is large, it will be possible to slide smoothly from a relatively low speed range even in deep snow.Of course, buoyancy is not only produced by the shape of the nose.It is also affected by the arch (camber shape) of the board.When the board starts running, the balance of surface pressure caused by the contact of the snow surface with the sole surface also works to lift the nose.Especially when it comes to waist-level powder, slipperiness is definitely related to the buoyancy that can be drawn out by the shape of the nose.
However, if the nose gets bigger, the balance of the handling of the board will lead to a reaction of "heavy nose".Powder turns are different from compacted snow turns, where it's important to push the snow off the board's surface, not the edge.The ease of handling the board affects the ease of turning.For example, many powder boards have a fish-shaped tail, which is one way to make the turn easier to control.
Ease of handling in such powder is as important as buoyancy.
"Even when the big nose is used, the best handling balance is maintained." There is no doubt that powder can be enjoyed more easily by achieving that exquisite control balance.It is the powder board equipped with YONEX's unique structure that has created this balance.

YONEX powder & freeriding board with plenty of buoyancy (left) GLIDE (right) LUVARTH

Two technologies overturned common sense of powder board

Powder and freeriding boards such as LUVARTH, GLIDE, and GRACE use YONEX's technology "ISOMETRIC TIP" that maximizes the effective area of ​​​​the nose.The tip has a square shape and a wide nose.Especially the nose of Luvarth is very big.With this much nose, it is possible to generate sufficient buoyancy even at low speeds.
And with such a large nose, the nose looks extremely heavy, but the riding stance setting is forward for a so-called powder board, even if you look at the position of the insert.The secret lies in another technology "CENTROID" introduced in these boards.Keep your stance as close to the center as possible while still having a large nose shape.In order to achieve this, it is essential to reduce the weight of the nose, but YONEX has solved this problem by placing a unique lightweight structure (honeycomb structure) in the nose of the board to reduce the weight of the swing.By moving the stance closer to the center, the ease of handling is greatly improved.Instead of the so-called powder board's unique rear center of gravity, you can handle the board without worrying about the size of the nose.
YONEX's powder and freeriding boards bring out the lightness and ease of handling that is different from conventional powder boards due to these two special structures.Once you ride it, you will be surprised by its comfort, and you will be drawn into the fun of skiing powder.

Easy to handle even in powder, making it easier to move freely

"Enjoy powder with a new sensation" YONEX freeriding board

Easy capture of deep powder

The big nose and float camber bring out sufficient buoyancy, yet the movement is light with a natural feel.It generates a large amount of buoyancy at low speeds, allowing you to comfortably cruise even in deep snow.Furthermore, the difference from the general powder board is that the operability is very good.If you've been hesitant about big-nosed boards in the past, you should give this board a try.It's easy to handle, so you can enjoy not only powder but also free sliding in the terrain and turns on compacted snow.
Size: 150, 154, 158cm
Price: ¥ 104,500

To powder + free riding,
Usability like a freestyle board

A board that has a freeriding outline that looks like it's going to run really well, but also features a large buoyancy at the nose and maneuverability by bringing the stance closer to the center.The movement feels like a freestyle board, and it is easy to get used to even if you switch from a twin tip board.A board with a sense of stability even on carving turns on compacted snow.
Sizes: 157, 161
Price: ¥ 96,800


Maximize the possibilities of female snowboarders

A freeriding board that was completed by thoroughly pursuing ease of handling for women as well as smooth control in powder. YONEX technology allows free board performance tuning.Its goodness is utilized, and it is adjusted to a very easy-to-ride balance.Overall lightness also leads to great ease of handling.
Sizes: 147, 151
Price: ¥ 93,500


A new proposal to play powder with twin tips

As explained at the beginning, from the basic concept of powder board, technique is required to ski powder with twin tips.I want to play with freestyle movements that are easier, such as switching in powder, flying and spinning."4XP POWTWIN" appeared to fulfill such a wish.Based on the shape of the standard freestyle board "4XP", "ISOMETRIC TIP" is adopted, the nose is longer, and the waist width is slightly wider than the original 4XP, increasing buoyancy. From "powder play" to "park" you can be satisfied with one.The board that is in the spotlight this season.
Size: 155W, 158W
Price: ¥ 75,900

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YONEX's powder and freeriding boards are sure to fulfill your wishes.

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