The long-awaited new model for women is now available !! Easy-to-use medium flex binding "BENT METAL / METTA" for all terrain


★ COLOR: White, Black
★ SIZE: M (22.0-25.0cm), L (26.0cm-)
★ PRICE: ¥ 30,000

As a female model of BENT METAL, UP SHOT of medium soft flex has been released so far, but "METTA" has been newly added to the lineup.The drive plate, which is the biggest feature of BENT METAL on the nylon high back, uses boron fiber and is set to medium flex.Suitable for all scenes and styles from carving, freestyle to powder.The 3D strap mounted on the female model is extremely comfortable to wear and holds your foot firmly so that it gently wraps around.The binding itself is also significantly lighter, so you can enjoy snowboarding comfortably without stress even when using it for a long time.

Equipped with nylon high back.Medium flex for all terrain

> Pre-emptive gear special feature: BENT METAL

BENT METAL binding that allows you to change your own drive plate to adjust the flex and customize it to your liking

Medium soft flex binding "BENT METAL / LOGIC" that allows you to enjoy free control while directly feeling the feel of the board.

Revealing BENT METAL's unique system that greatly changes the binding performance by replacing the drive plate

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