Mountains, towns, sea 

It's completely autumn

This summer was busy.

It's difficult to do what you want to do.

It may be difficult, or it may be a desire for someone who is just impatient with the fact that it takes time.


Tires, wheels, peace, donuts, bowls

The world is full of circles

Overflowing with C and R

Free-run editor-in-chief Gaisu has arrived, so take a break and go to the Urayama Wild Viking

It's autumn and skating is good, and MTB is hot. Fallen leaf carpet Brown pow

Another day in Nagano, Mr. K-69 from Greenshit, Namba5 will come.

In Tokyo, we have meetings about plans for this winter and future developments.

If the waves rise, go to the sea

I'm addicted to SIC's Recon 9.9.

Since surf spots are careful, the style of finding and playing surf spots with nobody on sup is like searching for the remaining powder, which is interesting.

About 7 years ago, I had a backache due to the accumulation of sickness, and I was introduced to Matsumoto's Nagisa Orthopedic Clinic and healed with a magic hand. There was a place to tell me, so I started core training for back pain measures here.Since then, I've probably improved my core strength, and I have a positive impression that I didn't have to get injured or get injured, and I've been training here so that I can train in the off-season. ..

To enjoy more snowboarding

My trainer, Mr. Suzuki.

I am always grateful for your help!