The exhibition is over!And a little important matter! !!

The second day of the exhibition was successfully completed! !!

There will be tomorrow, so I don't have one, but if you have time, please come! !!

Thanks to you, I am happy to have a reservation! !!

I'm really happy that even those who didn't shop separately came to the store! !!

People who visited the store!Thank you for your precious holiday time! !!

Also, the important thing is those who have reserved the note jacket of YONEX wear.

The final sample came at this exhibition, but the actual product is a little bigger than all the previous samples (with note jackets).

The hem length, sleeve length, width of the body, etc. will be 3 to 5 cm longer overall.

The white jacket in the photo is a sample so far.
The blue jacket is the final sample.
Both are L size.

Can you tell by comparing them?
The feeling of coming
"Oh, I've grown up"
I understand.


~ It's quite big, but isn't it in a state of being "wearing" at the last minute? ~

If you make a reservation thinking that, we recommend one size down just in case! !!

But it's not so stupid that everyone has to change.

I will give you some advice so that you can wear it comfortably! !!
If you are uneasy, please ask a question.We will reply to you on the blog, so please do not hesitate to contact us! !!