Obuse Kings Bus Tour

On the 12th (Sun) of the weekend, Nagano Prefecture went to Kings in Obuse on a PASTiME bus tour!

Kings is a dream jump facility where landing is air mat and safe! !!

It's perfect for practicing NEW tricks!

The weather is nice and it feels great!

That's this smile after flying w

And then, here at Obuse Kings, there is a TV monitor, and you can see your own image that flew with a delay of about 30 seconds.

Thanks to this system, I always check the good and bad points of my jump

This is the first Kings and the first jump!If you don't have the fear of falling, this is it!

At the end, everyone took a commemorative photo

It was a pretty fun and good bus tour!I'm glad that everyone who came got along well.And above all, I'm glad that everyone tried new things and smiled.

In addition, we have decided to hold an Obuse Kings Bus Tour on May 5th (Sun) this month!

Please check the PASTiME website for details.