Toyama kings camp

We will hold a weekend limited camp with Sho Hansai from May 5st at Toyama kings! !!

For those who want to get better quickly without getting hurt
Those who are in trouble because they don't know if they can practice by themselves ... Please join us ☻‼ ︎‼ ︎


If you know earlier ...
If you understand the right way and don't understand it, you will improve
How much difference will it make? ?? ??
A HYWOD rider, a theoretical rider who has a column series at Transworld and launched a japan park school at HAKUBAXNUMX.Sho Hansai, a lesson pro representing Japan who not only puts his own activities but also puts freestyle know-how on young riders.
Asami Hirono (from Toyama), who has improved his skills from XNUMX to XNUMX in just three years, is active as a rider of "TOMBOY", a gathering of top ladies riders in Japan. He is the most dynamic rider in the world, aiming for the Olympics.
The two of them planned a camp on the stage of Toyama KINGS in order to tell everyone "if they knew earlier" from their experiences so far.

Target Lane Big Middle Small Kicker
      * Limited to those who can slide the brush.
      With video commentary ♪
Venue Toyama Kings
Holding period * Saturday and Sunday
Holding time XNUMXst session-XNUMXth session
Number of participants Capacity XNUMX people * Reservations required ・ If there is a vacancy, reception is possible on the day.
            * The number of people may change depending on the level.
Participation fee XNUMX session lesson XNUMX yen ・ ・ ・ XNUMX session for the time being!
      XNUMX session lessons XNUMX yen ・ ・ ・ XNUMX yen discount!
      XNUMX session lessons XNUMX yen ・ ・ ・ XNUMX yen Save even more!       
                          * Sliding fee is not included
Inquiries / Applications
* You can also use Facebook messages from Hansai & Hirono!
Please fill in the following and send.
·[Full name]
·[telephone number]
・ [Your desired date]
・ [Session time] ・ ・ ・ What session do you want to start from?
・ [Desired lane] ・ ・ ・ Big or middle or small
・ [Skills you want to learn] ・ ・ ・ I want to grab. I want to XNUMX.Such···.