Inevitably sold out!Popular short and wide model "ICE CAT" that can be used not only for powder but also for freestyle _NOVEMBER snowmaterial

Sufficient buoyancy and speed performance even if short
Play the snowy mountains in freestyle
NOVEMBER snowmaterial

Size: 144 (Unisex), 149, 154 (Men)
Price: ¥ 102,300 (tax included)

Swallow tail on a short and wide body.Even if it is short, it has a unique shape and a nose rocker that fully demonstrates buoyancy.In addition, with sufficient speed performance and quick movement, this model was developed to run freely in the powder and play around.Moreover, its appeal is not limited to powder.The compacted snow burn also has a sticky edge grip with a swallow tail with a long slit, so you can feel a smooth and powerful G even on a carving turn that thrusts from high speed.Due to the tight taper of the nose width and tail width, the grip of the edge is very good.
Anyway, it is a board that can move around well, and it is also ideal for playing in natural terrain.Furthermore, it is said that it has adaptive performance that covers even freestyle.It seems that NOVEMBER riders are actually playing around with parks and jib on this board.It's hard to imagine from the shape of the appearance, but with the technology of NOVEMBER, it is possible.It was said that it was sold out early last season, but the new model is sure to be popular.

Adopts POWDER CAMBER SYSTEM that mixes low camber and rocker nose
Although it has a short wide shape, the maximum width is 154 cm even at 26.1 cm, which is not so wide.Even if the total length is short, the long nose floats firmly with powder even at low speeds, and it can be freely controlled even in deep snow.
It features a swallow tail with a slightly longer slit.The sticky edge grip of the tail gives excellent carving stability during snow pressure.

> Pre-emptive gear special feature: NOVEMBER snowmaterial
>Full model change "DESIRE" for high potential model to control gratri and jib
>The double camber model "DESIRE W" that appeared in the lineup as a reprint this season.Introducing the latest technology, powering up and complete revival
>New model "BC ROCKER" that adopted a full rocker for the all-mountain & powder model "BACK CITY"

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