Introducing the "XC-R," an easier-to-use version of the fully hammerhead carving board "XC"_OGASAKA SNOWBOARDS

Softer than XC
Tighter side curves make it easier to turn

SIZE: 154, 157, 160
PRICE: ¥125,400 *Made in Japan

"XC" is an abbreviation for Extreme Carve, and is a carving board with a complete hammerhead shape that allows you to make extreme carving turns like an alpine board even with soft boots. This is a board that has the characteristics of a completely manual carving style, allowing you to flex and turn the board by controlling the board yourself, allowing you to step into it with all your might. The new "XC-R" is based on the XC concept and has improved ease of handling and bending.
R stands for "Revised," "Relise," "Revolution," and "Radious," but compared to XC, the flex has been changed from 5 to 3.5. . 3.5 has the same level of flex as a semi-hammerhead FC. Furthermore, the side curves are deeper than the XC, making it easier to turn and handle. Additionally, by making the convex finish of the sliding surface a little flatter than before, you can square the edges and enjoy carving automatically. A board that allows you to experience the real pleasure of carving that you have never been able to experience before. This is a board that I would recommend anyone who has given up on riding XC because it is difficult to control to give it a try.

A completely hammerhead carving board. Camber shape that takes advantage of the long snow contact length
The convex amount of the sliding surface finish has been adjusted to be flatter compared to the XC.
The outline has deeper side curves to improve ease of bending. The ability to turn without having to press down as hard as the XC makes the XC-R easier to ride.

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