YOROI JUMPING VEST where the sense of security that is protected leads to an offensive slip

Size: FREE (junior), S-XL (adult)
Color: BLACK
Price: ¥ 37,000 excluding tax

The shock absorbing pad (YOROI SD pad) of this protector responds to the body temperature when worn and deforms softly according to the body, promising a comfortable fit.Not only that, the shock absorption value is also increased by adapting to the body temperature, achieving about 94.2% of the shock on the back and about 90% on the front.In addition, the tiling triangle pad design on the entire surface provides the best fit and breathability. The fact that it is recommended to let it acclimatize for about 10 minutes before riding is also a testament to the peculiarity of this pad.

Fine adjustment is possible
The velcro tapes on both sides allow you to control your width, which not only makes it easy to fit various body shapes, but also allows you to adjust the fit to the optimum fit even if you change the inner depending on the season.Designed with reference to the international standards for various protective clothing, the range of motion of the neck and arms does not make you feel uncomfortable even if you wear a protector.

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