I'm worried after a heavy rainy day!・ ・ 1% of the slopes can be skied!The park is OK!

Looking at the weather forecast, heavy rain marks lined up ... I was worried about the slopes.
When I looked out with anxiety, the thickest fog of this season was on the outside of the window and it was pure white!
Although I managed to get rid of the rain with the quad lift hood and gondola, it was a day of [heavy rain].
When I asked the customer, "Can you stretch in this weather?", Everyone said, "You have to do your best!"
As expected, everyone who sees DECO in the deepest mountains is very excited!
thank you.I'm fine!However, we couldn't beat the heavy rain, and from tomorrow, the middle to lower part of Basil and Rainbow 3500 will be closed, and the slope will be reduced by XNUMX% so that it can slide.Deco Daira [E] Park is open energetically.Please go out.