Osaka KINGS 2024 opens on April 4th!

April, when the winter season is starting to settle down, is also the season where you can have very effective off-training for next year. Osaka KINGS is undergoing renovation work this year to make it a safe and fun place for more people to play, and they are also preparing some great deals, so check out the information below!

◆ Renewal construction information
There are six major changes this year! For more information, check the Osaka KINGS official website.

[The main passage is asphalt! ]The main passage is finally asphalt!Eliminating unevenness makes walking easier and more comfortable, increasing practice efficiency!

[BOX relocated! ]

The location of the BOX will be relocated and it will be new.The new course has a longer landing length, so you can practice tricks more easily.

At Osaka KINGS, we have not only jumps but also JIB, and you can choose your favorite item from 8 courses depending on your mood.

In addition, the restrooms were beautifully renovated, the approach areas of all courses were leveled, and the white sheets of the landing air mats were largely replaced.
We will also focus on cleaning the facility to make your experience more comfortable.

◆Introducing a campaign where you can enjoy Osaka KINGS at a great price

We have prepared a campaign that allows you to enjoy off-training in 2024 more efficiently and at a great value. If you purchase a monthly ticket within one month of opening, you will receive a special 1% discount. However, this campaign is only available to those who purchased a monthly ticket last year.

We will start a mutual discount campaign with the JIB practice facility "HANGOUT" that opened in Yao City, Osaka Prefecture last year.

It will be possible to learn jumps and JIB efficiently in a better environment than before.
Details and start timing are currently being adjusted, but there is no doubt that off-training in Kansai will be more fun and profitable.

Osaka KINGS will also offer various lessons, services, and events to liven up the off-season.
Everyone who came to the event said, ``It was fun! We will provide services that will make you think, so please come visit us for winter skiing and snowboarding!

Summer is for winter!

◆ Details of Osaka KINGS
Address: 610-0326 Tenno Nakabessho, Kyotanabe City, Kyoto Prefecture 76-1
TEL & FAX: 0774-65-0525