Starting with the popular TRAVIS RICE and JAMIE LYNN series, LIB TECH's attractive lineup is thoroughly explained in the video!!

Introducing the latest technology, outstanding performance and beautiful artwork
A lineup of attractive models that amplify the fun of snowboarding

LIB TECH is revolutionizing snowboarding with innovative ideas and the latest technology.Based on the explosive popularity of banana technology, we have developed a new structure that has been improved according to the subdivided riding style.LIB TECH is a brand that pushes the limits of snowboarding by maximizing the performance of the board.

This season we have the TRAVIS RICE series where you can fully enjoy aggressive riding, starting with the super popular model ORCA, and the standard JAMIE LYNN series, JAMIE LYNN '96, which incorporates cutting-edge technology while making the most of the nostalgic graphics and shape of the time in 96. will be on sale, and there will be a lineup of attention-grabbing models.Watch the rider's impression video and find the best board for you from the new models you care about.


Explosion of popularity all over the world, popular No. 1 by far in the Travis series

Short wide board "ORCA" developed by Travis Rice.At the resort, the 7m sidecut and ample width create ideal carving, and in powder conditions, the long nose and whale tail with a feeling of floating enable exhilarating tree runs and mash jumps.Since it is a volume shift board, choose a size that is 3 to 6 cm shorter than usual.
Sizes: 138, 144, 147, 150, 153, 156, 159, 162
Price: ¥ 121,000 (tax included)

APEX specification high performance ORCA

The ultimate freeride board developed by Travis and worthy of the name of the pinnacle.An ultra-lightweight and strong high-performance model with a carbon technology structure added to the core material that combines paulownia, balsa, and recycled PET materials.A dream board has been completed that has the comfort to blow away powder pillows and the running performance that cuts through the resort.Since it is a volume shift board, choose a size that is 3 to 6 cm shorter than usual.
Sizes: 153, 156, 159
Price: ¥ 206,800 (tax included)

Another "ORCA" evolved based on ORCA

An evolutionary mountain freestyle board based on the ORCA that has been reshaped with sidecuts, setbacks, and waist.A directional C2x shape is adopted for the long nose to obtain a feeling of floating.The newly developed power kink tail is short, powerful and pops on hardpack, and automatically floats on takeoff and landing in switch freestyle. The FP core and ultra-thin nose and tail achieve a lighter spin weight.It is best to choose a size that is 1-3cm shorter than usual.
Sizes: 150, 153, 157, 161
Price: ¥ 137,500 (tax included)

Travis Rice signature model

The all-round board that Travis Rice loves at the resort.The HP core, which contains a high proportion of lightweight paulownia wood, and the lamination of basalt fiber create a tough board that is strong and maintains repulsion.The tip shape and slightly wider waist create buoyancy from the feet and are excellent in running performance without slowing down. Art by Schoph.
Size: 153, 155, 157, 159, 161, 164, 157w, 161w, 164w
Price: ¥ 115,500 (tax included)

That graphic is revived with the latest technology

The 1996 freestyle stick has been reborn. Recommended for those who shredded in the 90's, but also for those who haven't seen Jamie in action during the golden age of freestyle in real time.Camber, radial sidecut, tight tip and tail redesigned for soft snow.This popular graphic is sure to become a collector's item.
Sizes: 154, 157
Price: ¥ 115,500 (tax included)

Support Jamie Lynn's powerful riding

Jamie Lynn's power freestyle board.Aggressive camber, radial sidecut for stable open speed, and nose that creates a large amount of buoyancy make it easy to plan, and the tapered shape helps you lift off the surface on soft snow.Warm up with a hard run, end the day with the hardest run... The board for those who are more aggressive than anyone else.
Size: 150, 156, 159, 160W, 166W
Price: ¥ 115,500 (tax included)

Short wide powder model developed by Jemmy

Jamie's powerful powder blaster exhibits outstanding buoyancy with its C3 camber, early rise nose, tapered shape, and short tail with added mobility.The radial side curve creates a straight and speedy line and stable grooming, and sometimes powerfully rolls up an oversized spray.
Size: 150
Price: ¥ 115,500 (tax included)

A free-riding model that wants to attack snowy mountains aggressively

A directional all-terrain board that anyone can enjoy regardless of skill level.Powerful C3 camber and magnetic traction edge promise precise turns and big jumps.The textured poly topsheet is the latest material that creates a supple flex.With its surprisingly lightness, it is very popular among team riders as a freestyle stick that can be enjoyed at the park.
Size: 150, 153, 156, 159, 162, 156W, 159W, 162W, 165W
Price: ¥ 97,900 (tax included)

SKATE BANANA which became the standard model

The revolutionary technology that combines ease of handling and smooth carving performance is not just a rocker board, but by pairing it with a magnet traction edge, it creates a synergistic effect that allows you to freely control from powder to ice. The absolute standard model of LIB TECH.
Size: 150, 152, 154, 156, 159, 153W, 156W, 159W, 162W
Price: ¥ 97,900 (tax included)

A freestyle model that slides down the entire snowy mountain

A quiver killer with a combination of a directional tip and a twin chassis that runs the entire snowy mountain.A C2x hybrid shape that enables the best skiing regardless of unstable weather and slope conditions, and a slightly thicker and softer flex configuration.The textured poly top sheet effectively increases the flexibility of the board.
Size: 152, 154, 157, 160, 156W, 161W
Price: ¥ 101,200 (tax included)

A board designed for Japanese powder resorts

"RETRO RIPPER" inspired by Japanese powder has been updated.Featuring a new oval deep sidecut and revised waist and nose/tail widths to match.It will be active in vast resorts and quiet forest powder.The swallow tail has also been stylishly redesigned.161cm is newly added to the lineup, showing the popularity of JAPOW.A timeless gem rather than retro.
Sizes: 156, 161, 166
Price: ¥ 121,000 (tax included)

Aggressive high performance board designed by Matt Bailos

A high-performance directional freestyle board updated with the help of Matt Bailos.The elliptical progressive sidecut and the new streamlined shape with less resistance are conscious of surfing and connect the line from top to bottom smoothly.In addition, the well-balanced C3 camber effectively transmits power in parks and carving.
Sizes: 154, 159
Price: ¥ 115,500 (tax included)

"ROCKET" which got a new outline and powered up

"ROCKET" adopts a new progressive elliptical sidecut, powerful setback camber and stance, power up to a shape that is even better at hardpack carving.The wide body and early rise nose have a lot of planing surface, enabling outstanding buoyancy and powerful turns.
Sizes: 152.5, 157.5, 161.5
Price: ¥ 108,900 (tax included)

Experience and Knowledge of Matt Cummins × A Masterpiece Born from Japanese Powder

Matt Cummins has been involved in board design for over 30 years. This "MC WAYFINDER II" was completed by pouring all the powder knowledge cultivated in Baker, Baldface, and Japan into this surfy, curvy and powdery shape.With its wide pow nose, short tail, and quick side curves, it's a masterpiece that allows you to enjoy sharp carving at resorts by running around complex terrain and superb powder.
Size: 155
Price: ¥ 115,500 (tax included)

A dynamic all-terrain board tuned to Japanese specifications

The dynamic all-terrain board "DYNAMISS" became very popular when it was released as a Japanese-specification board using Jamie Lynn's art.The directional C3 shape, smooth entry nose and slightly tapered tail make it comfortable for resort carving and floating in powder.A classic and powerful board like Estero Penciero enjoying the powder on the Baldface.
Sizes: 142, 145, 149, 153
Price: ¥ 95,700 (tax included)

All-mountain board for any terrain

Cortado is a 2:XNUMX ratio of espresso and milk, and this board is a balanced all-mountain board right between freestyle and freeride. The CXNUMX shape, gentle entry in the nose and tight kick in the tail will give you control over all terrain and changing snow conditions.
Art by Ryder Biolos
Sizes: 142, 145, 148, 151, 154
Price: ¥ 92,400 (tax included)

A fun and easy board to ride in any style

WOMENS SKATE BNANA gliders are fun and easy to ride, but the narrow waist and magnetic traction make them easy to carve on ice.Anyway, if you want to snowboard without categorizing, this GLIDER is recommended. Art by @giannaandrews
Sizes: 139, 143, 147, 151
Price: ¥ 95,700 (tax included)

For girl riders seeking aggressive riding

Expanded width and evolved into a power freestyle board for aggressive female riders in resort backcountry parks.It is the only female model with Horse Power structure that provides sustained and supple repulsion, plus the pop power of the C2x shape is sure to convince even core riders.
Sizes: 143, 146, 149, 152
Price: ¥ 104,500 (tax included)

Lightweight core for easy handling and best performance in the park

The RYME is equally comfortable on high-speed Superparklines as it is on natural terrain playgrounds.The lightweight core for gibbers and jumpers is easy to handle, and slashes and smooth butter tricks are also attractive.If you have magnet traction, you can challenge turns in icy places without fear.
Sizes: 141, 144, 147, 150
Price: ¥ 92,400 (tax included)

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