Saitama's super pro shop GALAC has been reopened!

Saitama's super pro shop GALAC, which has been preparing for renewal since November, reopened on Saturday, December 11th, so I visited the shop to see the new appearance.

The walls are painted blue and light pink to give a brighter impression, and I feel that the space inside the store has become wider.

Items are packed up to the ceiling

A tune-up space separated by an acrylic board appears in the back of the store.This space is perfect for preventing splashes, and it seems that this space is not only for waxing, but also for fitting boots and clothing and exchanging information on the mountains.

Actually, on the day of the event, regulars, rider Minagawa, and owner Hirai had a flower in the story.

36th anniversary of our founding.Overcoming the unprecedented wave of corona, aiming for the 50th and 60th anniversary, the feeling of continuing to take a new step with this renewal has been conveyed.

The homepage has also been renewed to match the store.The layout is easier to understand than before, and the amount of information is increasing.Please check that out as well.

GALAC official HP

GALAC, which has been watching the snowboarding scene for 36 years and supporting Japanese snowboarding culture, has the treasures of the past along with the new model of this season.

Fine and SURFIN'LIFE! Published in the year of its founding! (The year of publication is 60!) It seems that he started to handle surfing in the first year of establishment and snowboarding from the following year.

Jake Burton's doll, which was distributed only to the 7 (Seven) board dealer.At that time, the segment of items that could be handled by stores was narrower than it is now, and this doll was also a limited edition that was distributed only to stores that handle Seven.In other words, it was a proof that the store was trusted to understand the characteristics of the board and handle it properly.

And the successive boards that have made the history of snowboarding.

The far left is BURTON's last alpine board.Few people may have the image of an alpine in BURTON now.But in the old days, you also made alpine boards.This board is the last model of BURTON's alpine skiing, and it is a super rare board that was distributed only to really limited stores that handled alpine skiing until the end.

The second from the left is BURTON's CRUISE.It is a board that was shocked by the ease of carving.There are 2 holes for binding screws!At that time, it was normal to make a bang bang hole according to your setting and take a stance, but after the 5th hole of BURTON came out, you could take a stance without making a hole. And.

The third from the left is SIMS RACING.It was around this time that soft boots exclusively for snowboarding began to appear.Until then, hard boots were used, but after changing to a binding close to the current shape, so-called snow boots like SOREL, of which soft boots for snowboarding were developed, and the era of soft boots has arrived.With the advent of soft boots and bindings for soft boots, snowboards have become much more slippery and have become a major catalyst for diversifying styles.

And the era of hard boots is the fourth board from the left. AVALANCHE, FLEX.I used hard boots for bindings like ski bindings.Originally ski hard boots, then snowboard hard boots "Koflac" appeared.Damian Sanders also seems to have been cheating on half-pipe tricks with the setup of Koflac & AVALANCHE.Freestyle movement with hard boots that do not bend ankles and a board that is heavy and has no side curves.

I knew the history of snowboarding from the history of boards, but when I touched the real thing while listening to the story, various thoughts came to my mind.

There were almost no side curves on any of the boards, so it would have been difficult to make one turn.Also, the passion of the former riders who were absorbed in snowboarding wearing this heavy board, which is quite heavy when you bring it, and you think that if you get on the lift, you will get rid of your legs with just one.I was surprised at the speed of gear evolution that took place in just 1 years.How this advanced play attracted the hearts of young people at that time.How excited were you to evolve your play?

And when I learned that all of them are the genealogy of the current gear, I thought that I would be able to deepen my understanding of the current snowboard culture and gear.It is only in the pro shop that has been around for many years that you can talk about those days in a live voice. Don't say, "It's what Jijii and Babaa do to miss the old days!", Please go find a story you don't know.I'm sure you can hear an interesting story.