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LBS could not pass the qualifying. ..

Not to mention my riding skills, I wasn't prepared to do my best.I didn't know how good it was to get a good time in this race until the end of the race, so the preparations I had to make for that didn't help. I thought it was useless to think that I should have done it.Life, fate, everything is connected, everything is flowing, I think that losing in a race is a good spice to live.I'm sure it's time to come out again someday, so I have to raise it so that I can have a better experience at that time, he is 51-year-old Tom Bert. The event is interesting.It can be said that it is a form of snowboarding competition that is definitely going on right now.

NorthWest Snowboarding Scene Sanctuary Mt. Baker 

Snowboard Sanctuary Pilgrimage Trip 2016  

  En-chan A feat that remains in the final in the professional master class!hot! !! !!


crab night at Matt's cabin .. great cocktail ,,

Crab Night Mecha Horse  
  I love you

I want to call it dramatic mountain  
  Mike Basic appeared in the trailer house from the middle!From Craig's house to Baker's parking lot life, his trailer house is so good that he suddenly went to Off The Grid life. ..A person who is in a different dimension so that he feels that he will change to another world with Mikey
It hits the snow quite a bit.Yabaisu, Baker.A one-day pass for $ XNUMX, and if you like snowboarding, we recommend visiting once.You can travel that tourist guides do not have

Reunited with many of the friends I've met, new encounters, and the snowboarding community.

Tom Bart is in the middle of the photo.Daughter also participates. Both JF Persia and Temple Cummins participated with their children.

Terrier, Devan, Peter Line

I thought it was amazing that there was no other tournament like this