Front side 360 ​​that I want you to refer to!


head snowboards boots
Support rider Daisuke Nishimura

Daisuke Nishimura, who has a very high quality of sliding
A rider who understands skillful technique and theoretical slippage.


In my early twenties, I traveled abroad
Active as a competitor, such as changing professional battles.
In the slopestyle category centered on jumps and jib
Play an active part.


Currently, he is a lecturer at the Newman Academy, which he had been doing until last year.
With a coaching program that you produce yourself
He also contributes to human resource development through numerous coachings at Kobe Kings.
Also, participated in many events in Japan.
The popularity, ability, and coaching ability are top class in Japan.

It will be a model for Daisuke Nishimura.
Regular stance front side 360
The binding brand he uses in the video!
It was uploaded from SP-UNITED, so let's introduce it.


Please read the detailed points on Youtube as the text is on it.
Osaka Kings will open soon.
Everyone to snowboarders near Kansai!
Please teach his technique at Osaka Kings