Senjojiki Ski Resort Opened April XNUMX

2016 (H28) Spring Web Plan Ski version① Komagatake-Kurokawa course
Hotel Senjojiki (1 hour) Jodo Norietsu (20 minutes) Nakadake (25 minutes) Kiso Komagatake (15 minutes gliding) Kurokawa 1m (30 hour 10 minutes) Hoken Sanso (10 minutes) Inamaedake (10 minutes gliding) Senjojiki Cirque XNUMX minutes) Hotel Senjojiki
A course that glides from the highest peak of the Central Alps.From the top of the mountain, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Northern Alps, Southern Alps, and Yatsugatake.Go down the wide slopes of Mt. Nakadake and Mt. Komagatake to Kurokawa and go down to around 2500m.There is a steep slope on the way, so if you are technically uncertain, go down from Hoken Sanso to Komakai no Ike.On the way back, climb toward Hoken Sanso, slide down the slope in the direction of Inamaedake, and descend to Senjojiki Cirque.You can choose various lines to slide, but you need to be careful about the snow condition due to the slope.

② Inamaedake overhead line Sawa course
Hotel Senjojiki (XNUMX hour) Pure Land Norietsu (XNUMX minutes) Overhead line Sawakor (sliding XNUMX minutes) Overhead line Sawa uphill point (XNUMX room XNUMX minutes) Inamaedake (XNUMX minutes) XNUMXm peak side (sliding XNUMX minutes) Senjojiki curl (sliding XNUMX minutes) XNUMX minutes) Senjojiki Hotel
Overhead line swamp is a course where you can enjoy both telemark skiing and mountain skiing because the slope and the size of the swamp are reasonable.However, it is better to go up because the swamp is narrower than around XNUMXm.On the way back, you will slide down the slope of Inamaedake toward Senjojiki, but you need to be careful depending on the snow conditions and skiing skills due to the slope.In addition, the course that goes through Kurokawadaira is not suitable for gliding because the snow will disappear after April.

③ Gokurakuhei-Inagawa headwater course
Hotel Senjojiki (XNUMX hour) Gokurakudaira (XNUMX minutes) Sannosawa / Hokendake branch (sliding XNUMX minutes) Near XNUMXm (XNUMX hour XNUMX minutes) Hoken branch / Ninosawa entrance (sliding XNUMX minutes) Senjojiki curl (XNUMX minutes) Hotel Senjojiki
The slope that descends to the headwaters of the Inagawa River is commonly known as Nishisenjojiki, and is a comfortable course where you can glide while looking sideways at Mt. Sannosawa and Mt. Ontake.Be careful of avalanches when climbing paradise.Nishisen tatami mats have wide slopes and are comfortable, but if you slide down too much, you will have to walk for a long time. Be careful as there are places where Sawa appears after XNUMXm.Ninosawa descending to Karl has a slope, so depending on the snow conditions and technology, it descends from Gokurakudaira to Senjojiki.

When going out from Senjojiki to the ridgeline, all courses are climbing steep slopes, so we ask skiers and others to use Eisen Pickaxe as well as climbers.Thank you for your cooperation in preventing distress and accidents.

Name of facility
Hotel Senjojiki
Phone 0265-83-5201 Reservation 0265-83-3844
Map Geospatial Information Authority of Japan XNUMX/XNUMX Mt. Kisokoma

Red climbs and blue glides
Gliding line




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