A new service born from the technology and snowboarding experience inherited from the predecessor 100 years ago


Are you treating snowwear as something different from clothing?

■ Do you need to clean your clothes?

Even if it looks good at first glance, the clothing is very dirty.Even if it is a cold place covered with snow, you will sweat if you move, and oil stains caused by contact with things or people at lifts and rest areas will always adhere to you without you even noticing it.

If you store it in such a state, you will not be able to fully demonstrate the wear function the next time you use it, and it will fade from the dirty part and lead to functional deterioration, so after using it for at least one season, you should first remove the dirt firmly. , It is indispensable to fully demonstrate the functionality of the wear.


● Isn't snowboarding wear left without maintenance after the season?

A long-established cleaning shop in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo that has been in business for 100 years

A new service by Yuta Sugiura, the 4th generation, has started.

It's snowboard wear cleaning.

I experienced snowboarding from an early age and met important clothing that I wanted to wear for a long time.

As a result of trial and error, it becomes a particular maintenance method that we have found.

At SBN, we have reported on the work site of Mr. Sugiura, who values ​​clothing.



* Why does the clothing also need cleaning?

For details, please see the report here.



I have a question that Mr. Sugiura often asks through snowboarding.

"I want to clean my clothes, but every store doesn't change, right?"

The answer is

"Every store is washed, but I'm not particular about it."

Mr. Sugiura, who has many years of snowboarding and surfing experience, has tried various cleaning methods with the desire to wear his precious clothes for a long time, and discovered that there is the best maintenance method that suits the material. ..

that is

This point is Mr. Sugiura's commitment, which is different from other dry cleaners.



● Even if the same material is used, the washing method is different.

For example, GORE-TEX material with excellent water repellency.

The deterioration of the water repellency of GORE-TEX comes from the dirt adhering to the surface, and it has been introduced on the Internet etc. that the function can be restored by washing, but not all are correct in the washing method. It is.By actually visually observing the structure, layers, deterioration of the sheet, etc. of the garment, each piece is mixed with a cleaning liquid and water repellent suitable for the garment, cleaning method, stain removal (stain removal), and drying method. Otherwise, it may lead to functional deterioration, poor water repellency, uneven color, and deterioration of the wear itself.

● Snowwear always has points that get dirty

There is a point that is unexpectedly dirty.Do you guys understand?

The hem of the pants is certainly the same, but it is the lining of the sleeves, the collar, and the velcro on the sleeves.

This part has many opportunities to come into direct contact with the skin, and compared to other parts, it also gets dirty such as sweat.In addition, it is difficult to remove dirt from a household washing machine.It takes time to play the leaves, but including this part, we will carefully remove the dirt one by one in every detail, and finish it so beautifully that it is mistaken for a new one.

By seeing the inspection of each piece of clothing received from the customer in detail, I could see the "stickiness" for the clothing.

After that, stains are removed until the dirt is removed, and cleaning is repeated.

We will also select the method suitable for the wear and perform drying and water repellent treatment.

Therefore, it takes time to finish one outfit.

However, the finished garment has a firm gloss of the fabric, and the garment with batting is plump.

The finish of the water-repellent effect is astonishing as if it were returned to a new product.


■ Although it cannot be returned to a new product by cleaning, it can be restored to the same water-repellent effect as a new product.

The water-repellent effect is not the fabric itself, but the surface of the fabric, which is vulnerable to friction and gradually peels off with the number of uses and years.It is impossible to maintain the water-repellent effect semi-permanently unless all the clothing is coated with rubber, and rubber loses moisture permeability and the fabric becomes heavy, so it is not very comfortable to wear.

This water-repellent effect does not escape the deterioration of function due to use, no matter how expensive the wear.


What is the difference between water repellent and waterproof spray?

Commercially available waterproof sprays can have a temporary effect, but they are very easy to remove because they only spray a mist-like waterproofing agent on the surface, and they are also prone to unevenness when sprayed. There is a risk that the fabric will be damaged due to this, and if it is used continuously, the oil component used in the spray will soak into the garment and even the original function of the fabric will deteriorate.

On the other hand, the water-repellent finish gives the image of applying a thin bond to the surface of the entire garment.The water-repellent liquid is entangled between the fibers to make it difficult to remove, and the surface is coated with a component that does not lose moisture permeability, and finally heat is applied to finish evenly.

For the leaves, we use a strong water-repellent liquid that is not commonly used, and restore the water-repellent effect to the same level as new.




■ Thoroughly clean the details.

Dirt like rust on the box and rail marks.This is more of a scratch on the garment than a stain.

The fabric is scraped when it comes in contact, and rust has eroded between the fibers, so unless the fabric is repaired, it cannot be restored to its original clean state, but the dirt that adheres to it. Can be dropped as much as possible to make it less noticeable.

We will take appropriate measures based on Mr. Sugiura's snowboarding experience.After cleaning, the entire garment will be glossy, so you can comfortably put it through your sleeves the next time you use it.




"Snowboard wear that costs 1 yen per piece, and good ones are more expensive, and the number of times you use it in a year is limited.

Even if it is treated more carefully if it is everyday wear, it is in the price range, but for some reason the wear tends to be treated messily.

Once you've come across your favorite brand, design, and features, it's no wonder you want to use it for a long time.

When the season is over, I want you to keep it clean once and have it comfortably put on your sleeves the next time you wear it. "

Even if the clothing is made of the same material, the maintenance method will differ slightly depending on how the fabric is used.

Outdoor refreshing Kanoba owner Sugiura has cultivated through his experience so far

Recommended for discerning wear cleaning and maintenance at the end of the season.



Outdoor wear refresh Kanoba SO-YO

If you come across your favorite clothing, it's only natural that you want to use it for a long time.

That's why I want you to thoroughly clean one season and keep it in the closet with other clothes until next season.

It requires more bulky storage space than storing it as a set of snowboards, and is a good way to store your clothing.

For the first slip of next season, come with a well-water-repellent garment and welcome the season comfortably.

JAPAHO SHOP is now accepting cleaning services for the leaves.

Please check here for details.


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