ELECTRIC ANORAK RAGLAN greatly upgraded from the previous model

ANORAK RAGLAN is a jacket with excellent water repellency that is sure to play an active part in the spring season and town use.It's already a popular item in ELECTRIC's apparel line, but it has been updated a lot.
First of all, the thicker fabric makes it more windproof, and it can be used depending on the layering in the winter season when the weather is nice.In addition, the width has been widened to match the current fashion trends, and the silhouette has been changed to a doweled silhouette.When you actually get these updates at the shop, the difference from the previous model is obvious.I definitely want you to check it out!

Size: S ~ XXL
Price: ¥ 18,700

Side zip makes it easy to put on and take off!
The anorak jacket is made of solid fabric, so it is not so stretchable.Therefore, by mounting a zip on the side, stress when putting on and taking off is reduced.


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