Photographer Isao Endo's home mountain-focused video work "Mt. Familia" — The origin of Inner Focus —

A place where you can always come back and come back.
There are always friends who can feel at ease like a family, and I can snowboard in pure harmony with nature.

Is there such a home mountain as a snowboarder?

This movie is a documentary film that focuses on Mr. Isao Endo, a photographer and snowboarder who lives in Omachi, Nagano.

Set in the feel of Hakuba, which he has regarded as a home mountain for 25 years, he has increased the value of his friends and the mountain while communicating with the same local riders through sessions.And last season, I tried a project.

From this work, I hope that you can feel the values ​​of "locals' feelings" and "home mountain" facing one field.

Japan has a wonderful snow field.
It is a work that makes me feel that at the same time.
Mt. Familia
—The origin of Inner Focus—
The introduction of photographer Tsutomu Endo

Cam + Edit: Go Ito
Director: Masahiro Imaoka
Translator: Rowan White
Snowboarder: Takashi Minamiura, Yuta Kobayashi
Production: Sannomaru Artworks
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