"TRANSFER" _BENT METAL attracting attention from shop staff nationwide

Outstanding fit and direct power transmission
"TRANSFER" attracting attention from shop staff nationwide


SIZE: S (23 ~ 26cm), M (26 ~ 29cm), L (29cm ~)
COLOR: Black / Jamie Lynn, Slate / Eric Jackson, Red / Quincy Quigg
PRICE: ¥ 38,000 + tax

In the special edition of FREERUN magazine "Snowboard Best Gear Catalog", we conduct a questionnaire interview with the staff of snowboard shops nationwide asking "What gear do you want to use this season?" This is "TRANSFER".The reason for its popularity is the direct transmission power of the magnesium drive plate and the excellent fit of the power ankle strap and grip foam toe strap.It has a high hold and a good feeling on the soles of the feet, and it matches any riding style.Also, if you combine it with LIB TECH's professional model boards such as Jamie Lynn and Eric Jackson, the coordination will be decided perfectly as well as the potential of the board will be maximized, and you will be able to slide by pushing yourself naturally.

Advanced IMEVA material is used for the ultra-lightweight power ankle strap to hold it firmly.The grip foam toe strap, which has been improved for safety and functionality, is fixed so that it wraps around the foot from the tip of the toe thanks to the flex panel.These two straps are the reason for the significant improvement in fit.
Highback and drive plate with graphics drawn by riders and artists.
From left: Black / Jamie Lynn, Slate / Eric Jackson, Red / Quincy Quigg

Pre-emptive gear feature: BENT METAL
>Ultra-lightweight model "AXTION" also used by Forest Bailey, which is newly introduced this season
>Girls line powers up! Lineup of all 3 models of "METTA", "FORTE" and "STYLIST"
>Replace with an optional drive plate to customize the treading comfort to your liking