Excellent stability and response. Equipped with the best balance to enjoy freestyle_GNU: HEAD SPACE / VELVET

At the Marvin Factory in the USA, GNU has always introduced cutting-edge concepts and evolved snowboarding. Among the many freestyle and freeriding boards that he has developed together with many top snowboarders, Forrest Bailey's signature model, the HEAD SPACE, is a popular model that can be called a GNU icon. It condenses jib & park, street and freestyle thinking, and has the ease of handling and response performance that allows you to perform all kinds of tricks in style, and allows for excellent stability even when cruising on the slopes or playing on natural terrain. Despite its twin-tip shape, it is a well-balanced board that can be enjoyed all around. The shape of HEAD SPACE has been renewed from this season. Changed from the conventional asymmetrical twin tip to a symmetrical twin tip. It is tougher, more powerful, and has a smoother ride. Adopting C3 camber, the mid-flex makes it easy to handle, and although the sidecut is loose, the magnetic traction edge holds the edge firmly when turning. Furthermore, the artwork by Forrest Bailey is attractive, and if you equip it with BENT METAL's AXTION signature model binding, you can complete the perfect suspension. The women's model "VELVET" is a park board that uses a hybrid C2 structure in the asymmetrical twin tip shape that is popular in high-end series such as LADIES CHOICE and PROCHOICE. Its appeal is its toughness that allows it to attack jib items hard, its balance in various tricks, and its good response. Equipped with a magnetic traction edge, this board has good grip in turns and allows you to enjoy smooth all-mountain riding. The artwork by Hannah Eddy matches BENT METAL's STYLIST. Although these are genuine freestyle boards, the fun is not limited to tricks, but these two high-performance models also have all-round performance that makes it fun to slide all over the snowy mountains. GNU's excellent gliding performance is sure to take your skating to the next level.

SIZE: 149, 152, 155, 158, 155Wide
PRICE: ¥ 99,000

SIZE: 139, 143, 147, 150, 153
PRICE: ¥ 96,800

HEAD SPACE uses a C3 structure that combines large camber throughout the board with mild camber in the center.

VELVET uses a C2 structure with a rocker in the center based on a large twin camber.
Magnetotraction edge that grips the snow surface firmly with a wave-shaped edge and stabilizes turns (Photo: HEAD SPACE)
Although VELVET is a twin tip, it has an asymmetrical design, so fix the binding using the "HEEL SIDE" mark as a guide.
Complete the best style in combination with BENT METAL. On the left is AXTION, which best matches HEAD SPACE, and on the right, STYLIST, which best matches VELVET.


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