This week's TRICK is FRONT SIDE LIPSLIDE on rails! TTW Vol.10

Dirty Pimp Crew's basic jump & jib HOW TO "TRICK TIP WEDNESDAY" delivered every Wednesday.

Ryoki (Ryoki Ogawa), 34 (MIYON), Teddy (Teddy Ku), Yuya (Yuya Akada) of Dirty Pimp Crew will deliver 3 tricks until the end of March.

Vol.10, this week's TRIK is FRONT SIDE LIP SLIDE on rails
Yuya and Teddy add comments to their riding to make it easier to understand.
January will continue.Stay tuned for next week !!

Check out this TRICK TIP WEDNESDAY every Wednesday, and while doing image training, let's actually hone your skills on the slopes!

Past tricks hereへ!

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