BENT METAL, which is currently attracting attention in Japan, also released the latest video of the team rider appearance

High performance models such as TRANSFER and AXTION, as well as BENT METAL bindings, are rapidly gaining fans in Japan.The torsion of the board, the drive plate that effectively controls the flex, the cube that can easily adjust the forward ring, the strap that enables a flexible fitting, and the binding that is full of lightweight design.The women's model is also substantial, and it is highly evaluated for being easy to handle.
In addition to the charm of the design that appointed an artist, there is no doubt that the binding, which has been a simple shadow gear until now, is a brand that is innovative and digs deep into the original fun of snowboarding.
Such new models of BENT METAL are currently appearing in domestic shops one after another.You can check the charm at the store.
In addition, a new video featuring BENT METAL's team riders will be released from USA!
Appearing rider
Matteo Soltane, Phil Hansen, Jesse Burtner, Naima Antolin, Julain Gluck, Max Warbington, Blake Paul, Tucker Andrews, Lily Calabrese, Lauren Nelson, Mans Hedberg, Temple Cummins
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In addition, you can check the functions of the featured model of BENT METAL in the video.
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