Looking back at this season's recommended movies ~Vol.06~ "Works with attractive unique worldviews"

Looking positively at the second half of the season, thanks to the skating that has been done so far and the warm weather, the body is more mobile, and it is also a time when you can enjoy more freestyle play. Now, in this series, we'll be taking a look back at this season's Free Run editorial team's recommended movies that are currently available to watch online. Some of you may have already checked them out, but all of them are movies that will increase your desire to skate. In the 6th installment, we will introduce 5 works that are attractive with their unique worldviews.



Living legends like Jamie Lynn and Brian Iguchi, Marcus Cleveland, the trick master and creator of the knuckle hack, Arthur Longo, the master of the side hit... This is a work in which an endless number of superstars co-star, and the editing that is typical of VOLCOM is added to it. Ryoki Ogawa is the only Japanese participant, and his unique skating and character are a must-see! Different generations have different fields of skiing and different ways of expressing themselves, so this is a content that I would recommend not only to VOLCOM fans but to all snowboarders.

[Work information]

Riders featured: Ryuki Ogawa, Bryan Iguchi, Arthur Longo, Torgeir Bergrem, Hailey Langland, Marcus Kleveland, Jamie Lynn, Desiree Melancon, Pat Moore, Kevin Jones, Mike Rav, Cody Warble, Reid Smith, Lenny Mazzotti, Scott Blum, Cannon Cummins, and more

Recording time: 20 minutes 41 seconds




The location is all Minamiuonuma. The filming period was seven years from Nantes 2017 to 2023. Since they carefully selected more than 7 hours of footage and condensed it into about 40 minutes, there's no way it wouldn't be rich in content. Local riders such as Ryo Ishizaka and Takashi Sekiguchi are wonderfully conveying the power, depth, and splendor of the mountains of Minami Uonuma through their riding. No explanation needed. I want you to watch it anyway. I also want people to feel the hidden power of Minamiuonuma.

[Work information]

Riders featured: Ryo Ishizaka, Takashi Sekiguchi, Kazuma Seta, Ruiki Masuda, Tatsuya Nagumo, and more

Recording time: 18 minutes 50 seconds




The latest team movie of LOBSTER, which includes the Helgason brothers Holder and Eiki, as well as Fridtjof Tischendorf, whose knuckle hack and backpack-carrying style from X GAMES catches the eye. In addition to the latest styles, there are many old school tricks included, and it is exquisitely blended with hard crash scenes and off-shots that convey the characters of the riders who love mischief. Edited to resemble an old-fashioned snowboarding video, the result is truly freestyle snowboarding.

[Work information]

Featuring riders: Halldor Helgason, Eiki Helgason, Hrund Hanna, Fritdjof Tischendorf, Frank Bourgeois, Georgsson, Juho Laine, and more.

Recording time: 30 minutes 02 seconds



Goofy's "COLLAGE 2"

The latest work by the Goofys, a group of goofy footers featuring Keisuke Shimakata, also known as Put, who charms you with creative and outlandish actions. In this work, riders other than Put, Ichi Tanaka, and Tomoro Suzuki also appear and attack the streets. We want you to enjoy the wide variety of attacking methods and styles. For some reason, karaoke scenes are inserted between each part. That fuzzy feeling is unique to Goofy's. However, one thing I can say is that Tomoro Suzuki is really good at singing!

[Work information]

Riders appearing: Ichi Tanaka, Keisuke Shimakata, Tomoro Suzuki, and more

Recording time: 17 minutes 52 seconds




Reed Smith, Cole Navin, Jed Anderson, Spencer, Schubert, Danimals, Jill Perkins and other unique and exciting top riders who belong to RIDE go wild in the backcountry and on the streets. In addition to cool riding and intense slam scenes, there are many scenes that clearly show that this is a close-knit team of riders with similar vibes, and after watching this work you will think: . It's nice to have friends.

[Work information]

Riders featured: Savannah Shinske, Jed Anderson, Spencer Schubert, Jacob Krugmire, Dan Liedahl, Jill Perkins, Cole Navin, Reid Smith, and more.

Recording time: 34 minutes 54 seconds



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